1. W

    dial up failed error in dlink dcs 156 modem

    I have been using my dlink modem with airtel sim to access internet.But recently I'm getting the error as "Dial up failed". I have tried some settings also for airtel apn: airtelgprs.com access number: *99# username:blank password :blank authentication type :none But still its not...
  2. Z

    Can't share Dialpup internet connection with wifi belkin router on win 7 x64

    Internet works properly on desktop Internet cable goes in the router and an extra wire goes in router and the other end to desktop Can acces files of the desktop from my laptop through wifi But I am unable to share my internet connection Tried the following Cloned my desktop's mac...
  3. R

    Mobile Antivirus on PC

    Hi Guys I Am Abhishek From Kalyan. I want yo know is it possible to update Mobile antivirus from PC Internet I have Tata Indicom Dialup connection and Nokia 81 Mobile Please Guide Me
  4. N

    Win Vista SP1 on Digit DVD

    Guys! Does anyone remember which digit dvd carried Windows Vista SP1. My friend bought a laptop which had Vista pre-installed. He wants to update it and has only a dialup connection at home. Thanks for your help in advance
  5. D

    Dialup Internet Problem

    I have 56k internal d-link modem. I connected using netone as username and password to 172222. It gets connected but i cant do anything. No page loads or anying on every browser i tried. it connected at 31.2 kbps speed Please help as modem working fine as i can call from it and also...
  6. A

    dial up auto connect

    Hi guys, I have 2 internet connections one broadband and one is my nokia bluetooth dialup. when i am not using nokia bluetooth dialup connection a small window appears and ask to connect to nokia bluetooth connection. i close the window but it reappears. how to get rid of this?
  7. M

    Generic host process for WIN32 Services.....

    Hi all I face the following error and after this my internet connection doesn't work.Even the properties of the dialup doesn't openup,nor i can disconnect it.....plz help
  8. A

    MTNL dialup connection not able to connect

    I am having windows vista on my laptop and I am connecting MTNL dialup connection to connect to internet.When i connect after username and password gets verified it gets connected and i am able to see network icon at system try but i am not able to open any site.and page not found error comes...
  9. chesss

    mtnl dialup costs

    So I went out of station for a week, got practically no net access there. When I came back, I saw that someone had taken off with my Lan(internet) wire. contacted the local cablewallah isp to fix it, but he delayed it for 3-4 days, then I got sick for few more days and then finally my isp tells...
  10. satyamy

    Vista Hangs on using Dialup Connection from Modem

    My Friend has a Dual Core (E2160) with Intel 945GCNL Board and 56K Motorola Internal Modem Running Windows Vista Ultimate He is in Mumbai Uses MTNL Dialup Connection (dial to 172231) to connect to Internet while dialing Out of 20 attempts in 19 His PC gets hangs This works fine on...
  11. A

    dailup queries

    dialup queries Yepee.... I am permitted to have dialup in my home...took a huge time to argue and shout to my parents that i want dialup:mad:...i shouted so much that even the passerby's glanced at my home :wink:..it all happened after my results of 1st sem were announced..I got 85% which is...
  12. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Help in creating Dialup Connection

    I want to connect to net through my mobile Nokia 6030 having airtel connection .I have installed Modem.But when I go to "Control Pannel/ Network connection/create new connection'. New Connection Wizard Open, there only last option is enabled i.e, "connect using a braodband connection that is...
  13. Gigacore

    SE GPRS dialup Problem

    Hi guys. i was using a serial data cable to Dialup from my SE K508i, but today i bought DCU-15 USB data cable, coz the serial one has worn out. i removed the older and installed new drivers. before it was connecting to net. But now when i dial, the system hangs up and the dialing will also end...
  14. Ecko

    Want 2 Disconnect

    If anyone can give me a .bat file to disconnect from dialup :?:
  15. Cool G5

    Fedora 7 - Dialup connection

    I want to know how to setup dialup connection in Fedora 7. I have tried KPP,but it doesn't detect my modem. My modem is an internal D-link. I have heard linux has problems with Win modems.Plz reply.
  16. C

    downloading images in an html page

    hey guys there was this e-book that was to be read online. so i copy-pasted the html links of all of it's 45 chapters in flashget and downloaded them. though the whole page was downloaed correctly, images weren't downloaded at all. why is it so and how do i fix the problem. i use dialup and...
  17. T

    AOL India launched

    Though the news is not new but I came to know about Launch of America ONline India(www.aol.in) only yesterday.Tried webmail on the site and it worked very well on dialup as well. For more visit site or go to http://press.aol.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=1220
  18. A

    ::::::::::connecting to net..................

    hey how do i access net from my desktop using my mobile GPRS....also can i use it and my dialup simultaneously??
  19. V

    Why External Dialup modems are pricier than Internal modems ?

    I know that Simple driver installation, ease of physical installation and diagnostic lights are an external modem's main advantages. I've also heard that External Dialup modem is typically faster and is also able to filter out the telephone line noise etc and most of the External Dialup modems...
  20. nithinks

    Ip Address Of Sancharnet

    Hello members, Can anyone tell me the ip address of sancharnet? its required to connect to the net.. using their dialup account.
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