1. netizen3000

    Formatting password protected micro sd card

    Guys need help with formatting my 4gb transcend hc microsd card ,it had a password i tried to format the card in my phone in which i failed.So i tried to format using windows connecting the card to a card reader the drive was shown when i try to open it the following dialog box appears if i...
  2. sanny16

    not able to remove the errors on the desktop after reboot

    I once installed white smoke demo when it got expired i removed it partially by not clicking on restart now option. Today that option came(restart now) so i clicked yes and my pc rebooted and again that dialog box appears. Plus there are two text files opening i do not know why. How do i fix...
  3. R

    Can't play my 1.6

    I frequently play cs 1.6 online and 1 day i just recieved sum dialogue box saying i had to download sumthing for my 1.6 folder. I accepted and now wenever i open my client it shows the not responding dialog box and and thats it.I tried uninstalling but the same dialog box came up.My czero also...
  4. H

    How to midify Display Properties Dialog Box ? Help

    How to modify Display Properties Dialog Box ? Help me Dear All. I Want to replace images Themes tab, Desktop tab...in Display Properties Dialog Box . As images below (Windows XP SP3): Please help me What .dll and .cpl have to open (with resHack) and replace image resourcess? Thank...
  5. L

    spyware or virus?

    i hav this problem whenever i connect an external memory device such as a pendrive,memory cards...a dialog box pops up.this dialog box can never be close.it does not let the other programs to be run unless the cancel retry or exit button is clicked.i scan the system with mcafee security but does...
  6. Worried From Bugs

    Windows 7 Shutdown - Log off Dialog Box for Windows XP

    Download Windows 7 Shutdown Dialog for XP
  7. Indyan

    IrfanView 4.20

    * Basic Unicode support added (Properties->Misc 1, thanks to Christophe Paris!) * New zoom options; improved relative zoom (Properties->Viewing) * Thumbnails can be sorted manually using drag/drop * GIF animations can be played in fullscreen/slideshow mode * New Advanced batch options: Fine...
  8. mikeon

    A small vista problem...

    Hi I'm using Vista ultimate with sp1 installed on a compaq laptop, my problem is, that while copying large files or many files at a time, if i try to move the copy dialog box, the copy dialog box hangs and says not responding, but it copies fine in the end & nI can use other programs while it...
  9. A

    Restore the blue background look and remove password asking

    This is not really a problem but rather is about the view of the computer.But still it is irritating. Initially the computer used to start and shut down properly in a more graphical type of mode rather than dialog box mode(which is what is happening now). The most clear change is when I...
  10. F

    keyboard not workin

    after playin some game, using shift and navigation up keys. some dialog came n my keys in keyboard not workin. any help?
  11. JGuru

    Fine-tuning FireFox : Tips, tricks & tweaks!!!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Fine-tuning FireFox : Tips, tricks & tweaks: >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Here I'll present the tips, tricks, tweaks for FireFox browser. You can apply these tricks on Firefox running in any platform - Linux, Windows, Mac etc., Type about:config in...
  12. U

    How to remove program's listing from Add/Remove Programs

    OS: Win XP SP2 PROBLEM: I want to remove a program's listing in Add/Remove Program (Control Panel), i.e. I don't want it to show itself in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. How to make it possible? PROGRAMS: e.g. utorrent, bittorrent, bitcomet, etc.
  13. V

    Pause Menu

    Hi Friends, The thing which i am going to ask I think is impossible, still i am asking. For those who are using IE whenver whenver they download any file from the internet there a dialog box open like this:- Is there any way of making a pause menu in this dialog so that i can pause...
  14. M

    Open the System Properties Dialog Without right click on my computer

    Hi, guys I have a intruction to open System Properties Dialog in Run Dialog Go to Start Menu >> Run >> type sysdm.cpl and press enter. You will now seeing the System Properties Dialog. GOOD BYE.
  15. shady_inc

    Open any program from "Run..." Dialog box.

    Discovered this recently while tinkering around in system folders.... Just copy the .exe file for the application u want to launch and paste it's shortcut in Windows folder.Give it a relevant name and you are done. Now just go to Start>Run..,type the name u gave to the shortcut in the...
  16. Ron

    Display Problem

    Guys…. I am unable to explain…………..Whenever I switch own my computer……..The Green and Blue color lines are shown after the windows xp logo in the boot screen…. …Not only this ……..Whenever I open any dialog box in the desktop……..a pink color shadow appears…………. I don’t know what is causing...
  17. G

    shutdown dialog desktop shortcut

    Hi all, i would like to ask is there any possible to create a desktop shortcut for bring out the shutdown dialog instead of go to start>turn off computer>shutdown dialog? Thanks for advice. cheers.......:D
  18. BBThumbHealer

    Resource Hacker Help Needed : Vishal Gupta...Where r u ?

    Resource Hacker Help Needed : Mr. Vista...Where r u ? hi guys, i want to ask one thing , if we add a bitmap in the .dll file and we want that bitmap as the background of a particular dialog box , what is the syntax that we shud use in the script to add the bitmap to the background ! for...
  19. Anindya

    Same connection but diff. ip!

    Hello, I use cellone unlimited gprs to access the net through mobile. The query is in the modem status dialog box and in the magitime software dialog box i am seeing a similar ip. But in any ip tracking site or in spicejet site they are showing me a different ip address. Plz tell me why is it so?
  20. uzair

    Where is the shutdown dialog?

    my sys runs win xp mce i dont get a dialog similar to this in the attachment... I simply get a drop down list box with options shutdown logoff and all in a dialog ... I want a one similar to the attachment... help me out
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