1. rst

    external hdd not showing after defragment

    I have a WB external hard drive(1 TB). After I run the defrag with tuneup utility I cannot access it any more. My laptop is not detecting it.
  2. s0rdfish

    My Micromax A110 not detecting in computer

    Hello all 1st off wishing u all happy new year 2014 Friends my issue is that i am not able to connect my mobile to computer its not detecting in computer when i connect it keeps charging like how it charges when it is plugged into current to charge. i am not able to transfer anything from my...
  3. S

    3g modem not detecting

    I have ubislate 7c+.When i connect beetel modem or any kind of modem throgh usb converter ,it is not detecting .So i can't do 3G net. Could anyone please give help on this issue. Thanks.
  4. B

    Help me to choose High Speed Broadband Connections

    I am currently with Airtel which gives me 512kbps speed but the problem with Airtel broadband is the line always dropped after the few minutes. I want to know is there any company who provides me the good broadband speed like 2-4MBPS with unlimited data without detecting the speed after reaching...
  5. S

    USB not detecting

    Earlier I had windows XP, now I had installed windows 7 ultimate. Noe my desk top does not detecting USB hard drive. It works with other machines with with XP or Win 7. Please help, Thanks in advance.
  6. K

    Problem In Extral HDD

    I Have A Problem In Segate Ext. HDD 500 GB Ie. Not Detecting When Connect Through USB Any Help....?
  7. S

    Problems in Dell XPS,any solution?

    My Dell XPS is out of warranty and problems started arising after that.. First...DVD Drive is not working and second,Windows got corrupted..,wait a sec!here comes "The Combo".Wwhile i try to install windows from USB Drive,i get the error:A required CD/DVD device driver is missing, usb...
  8. G

    Micromax Funbook pattern lock

    My Micro max Fun-book got pattern locked and now its asking me to lo-gin through Google account.Please let me know how do i connect to my Google account when the tablet at the very first place is not detecting my photon device.Please help me to unlock the device service centers in my area are...
  9. bajaj151

    Please help....HDD not detecting

    Today...I clean my cabby (taking out all components except motherboard).After that, when I start my PC..Seagate 1TB (7200.12) HDD not detecting (not even in bios). Other 2 HDD working fine I checked the HDD in another PC....same problem I changed both the cables....same problem... I tried...
  10. nvrmndryo

    Logitech Z-5500 not detecting optical cable/data !

    I just bought belkin s/pdif optical cable , My pc is detecting cable but my z-5500's control pod not detecting it ? any suggestion ? my mobo is MA 785GMT-UD2H . its working now , but it has bad performance in digital mode , little bit distortion ,,
  11. Blue Ripazah

    [SOLVED] virus ..........need help

    my pc is infected by a virus it displays a file named "winfile.exe" its owner name is "gy" and my kaspersky antivirus is detecting as "comment.htt" now what is the method of removing it need help :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
  12. J

    9800 not detected as CUDA GPU

    i have a palit 1GB 9800GT DDR3.The box says its a CUDA gpu and so does the site but application like cyberlink media espresso and cybrelink power director is not detecting it as a gpu and is using my cpu for conversion.....the games work great...can any1 tel me where the problem lies??
  13. R

    Ubuntu 9.04 Raid 0 Problem [Not Detecting Raid 0 Drive]

    When i tried Ubuntu 9.04 Live DVD it was not detecting my Raid 0 Drive [500GB] , detecting only my Back up hard disk [Sata ] I cant find Raid driver from GIgabyte Website so , is there any way to config my Raid 0 on Ubuntu 9.04 or latest ? (i do have latest Ver(not sure if it is...
  14. A

    SDHC card is not detecting in Samsung Galaxy 551

    Hi Folks, I recently brought Galaxy 551 android mobile. Previously i'm using nokia with 4gb of sdhc card. I suppose to use that 4GB SDHC card to my samsung and i have format the card in FAT. When i insert the card in samsung it is not detecting.. Please help me how to use the card...
  15. K

    USB not detecting in Windows 7

    A few months back my SMPS crashed and blows up my onboard sound. I replaced the SMPS and bought a new sound card(USB was working well then). Now my USB drives are not detecting. My primary inference is the defect in the motherboard caused by the SMPS failure. How can I fix it...? MY PC Config...
  16. T

    fan is not getting detected

    I have hp pavilion dv 2000, and its temperature easily goes above 60c, so to control that i installed speedfan , but it is not detecting any fan. I also installed everset ultimate edition but it is also not detecting the fan, can anybody tell me whats the problem.(Os is XP) Is it possible that...
  17. rohit2hell

    internal HDD not detecting.

    hi friendz, MY hitachi 320 gb internal hdd is nt detecting and is producin some kind of clicking noise . i need to recover my data . can any one tel me hw can i recover my data ? core 2 quad 3.4 3 gb ddr2 ram hd 4670 1gb graphic card 350w cooler master mb 650sli zebronics
  18. curioustechy

    DVD not detecting

    hi guys there.. my dvd drive is not detecting a particular movie dvd...i'm using vista..what could be the problem? plz help..
  19. G

    DVD Writer not detecting CDs

    Hi guys. I have a Dell XPS M1530 which has a slot load drive.... Just recently I realized that it is not detecting CDs. I am able to write DVDs, read DVDs and even write CDs but the CDs can't be read! The written CDs are detected on other comps but not mine :( I have updated the BIOS to the...
  20. anshul

    Help!! Vista Ultimate not detecting networks...

    My friend has a newly bought PC with Vista Ultimate installed on it......We all live in the institutes hostel and have a network..... The problem is that his PC is not detecting any networks except an unknown network and the Internet connectivity is not possible. I have tried reinstalling...
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