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Hi frnds,

my hdd start giving some noise when i rebbot ..the bios doesn't recognize the samsung 40 gb hdd .

Aftersome efforts it recognizes the hdd and when it boots the os (windows xp, i make my faulty hdd as slave ) the os trying to get the partition shows the partitions but when i tried to access the partition it says i/o error.

I uses knoppix linux also to get my hdd detect but it also try to probe for the fault hdd hangs...

how to recover my data is their any tools available???
pls help


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check samsung site for disk utilities like shdiag and hutils (depending on your model ) . If ur drive is detected in bios , run the tests to find if the problem is in the hdd . becareful though , only some tests dont erase data . If drive is ok , try using Disk manager from samsung and see if ur partitions are visible . regarding recovery , i think someone else might have better input
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