Help Added a RAM, Added a Problem too..... :(

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I have installed Fedora Core on one of my college systems.

The system WAS having 128 MB RAM

After a few days we added one more 128 MB RAM...........


Fedora Core DOESN'T Detect it. !!

In windows it is properly detected as 256 MB RAM

What should I do to make fedora detect and use the other extra RAM added?
Help!! :cry:


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pradeep_chauhan said:
give a command as root
post the output obtained

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 110124 109152 972 0 2480 28212
-/+ buffers/cache: 78460 31664
Swap: 305192 171940 133252


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ok so you do have a problem The system is showing 128MB with i think 16MB for the shared video memory. Now This is quite strange please run kuzu and also try changing the DIMM Slot you use. Which Mobo do you have? Does it have a dual memory system or any other settings. I am shure the change of dimm slot will help Does BIOS report 256?
I too upgraded my men to 1GB from 512M a few months back and had no such problem in fedora core 3 or win XP
Please try the dimm slot switch and see what happens.
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