1. S

    Why in India AC tonnage requirement is 3 times that of a USA desert?

    While looking to buy a new AC I searched for many online tonnage calculators. Views: Indian salesmen: With ceiling at 9-10 feet, if you carpet area is 100sqft-->1 ton, 150sqft-->1.5 ton, 200 sqft-->2 ton. To be on safer side by the higher one. Indian tonnage calculator: It mainly...
  2. U

    Are my CPU temperatures safe?

    I had a two year old AMD system rig which I had assembled myself. Though there are no problems with the system, the CPU temperatures are looking a bit odd to me. My config is as follows Processor: AMD A10-5800K Motherboard: Asus F2A85-M RAM: Corsair Value select 1600 MHz - 4+4 GB Kingston...
  3. isenberg

    what kind of job can I expect?

    Hello guys... I took admission into engineering (cse) again after 2 years of gap.... I am really serious about getting a job after the degree and making the most out of it... I am interested in programming even though I am pretty novice in c++ and c... I want to get a job as a programmer after...
  4. Skyh3ck

    B. Com Graduate, what to do next - M. Com, M.A, Ph D. what ?????

    Hi Friends I completed my B Com degree in 2004 with First class, Its been 10 years since then I am now 32 years old, Married with two young kids. I have worked in Various international BPO for customer service, recently i tried to change the career to corporate sector but due to BPO...
  5. bubusam13

    Pc components running too hot. Advice needed!

    Hi Guys, My AMD FX 6300 is running at 67 degree C at idle and GPU near to 80 degree. PC even shuts down due to overheating. I applied Artic Silver 5 which helped in bringing CPU temperature to about 50 and I have removed the GPU default cooler and attached a CPU cooler to it, which reduced...
  6. V

    Is it True Inverter AC doesnt perform good at 45 to 50 degree temperature?

    Is it True Inverter AC doesnt perform good at 45 to 50 degree temperature? I am planning to purchase a Split Inverter AC bt i certainly read in review inverter ac does work good at higher temperature, as I reside in Gujarat where the temperature in worst of summer goes to even 45 to 48...
  7. srkmish

    Need info on MS in Europe

    Hi Friends, I am planning on pursuing MS in Europe. Two of my friends are currently studying in Germany and can vouch for the quality of study. Also, they are earning a hefty amount tax free working part time. The lesser fees ( as compared to USA) and the study quality has convinced me to...
  8. lakeport

    Is doing an MBA after a BA worth it?

    I am in BA 1st year right now. I want to do an MBA after this so that i can get a good job. I wanna ask.. will i get admission into a good college and get a decent job after finishing MBA without any prior work experience and an arts degree? Any chance of getting placed in a foreign company...
  9. M

    AMD FX 8350 + CM Hyper TX3 Evo - High Temperatures.

    The AMD FX 8350 Black Edition in my PC is at completely stock voltages and BIOS Settings.It has a Cooler Master Hyper TX 3 Evo as CPU Cooler and the case is a CoolerMaster HAF 912.The rest of my PC's Specifications can be found in my signature.However,temperatures as reported by both HWMonitor...
  10. M

    Help me in finding my career path in networking

    Hi, i am mohan (24), i have done my masters in digital communication and passed out in 2012, basically i am never good at softwares or programming and moreover i screwed myself just thinking once i get my master degree i will join in any college as assitant professor as it pays more and...
  11. R

    processor heating problem

    I'm using a pavillion g6 2005ax laptop. On normal use my cpu temp is around 85 to 90 degee,and on playing games like nfs mw2 it goes upto 120 degree (without dual graphics), so is it okay or I should go for a cooling pad.
  12. A

    Suggestion for Cabinet

    I am looking for a cabinet to replace the old cabinet of Home PC. It's used for web surfing and videos. The configuration is as follows: Intel Core 2 duo, DG31PR board, Corsair cx430, 3 GB Ram, 250 GB HDD, DVD/RW, Ndivida 520. Will upgrade to new HDD soon. Since there is no AC in our...
  13. avichandana20000

    after B.Sc

    What is a good computer course after B.Sc. degree?
  14. B

    Job opportunity for age 30 , no industrial experience

    hello, Trying to summarise it in short. I have an engineering degree of Electronics and telecom. and later have done MBA in marketing.Not to mention not from any reputed colleges. I want to get a job either in web designing or web development. I have learnt web developing and designing my...
  15. G

    Dv6-7011 Tx Aida64 stress test

    hello guys i bought a new dv6-7011tx laptop. i tried to do a stress test. first, here is the configuration. 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-3210M 6 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) 640 GB SATA (5400 rpm) first the test was conducted in a room with ambient...
  16. MegaMind

    Software to rotate videos.

    Guys, as the topic states is there any software to rotate a entire video by 90 degree ?
  17. mikeyaxe

    I5 Processor Temps too high 66-70 degree on IDLE :(

    hey Guys... it seems my i5 2500k processor is getting very hot, and on windows it sumtimes touches 79 degree, when that happens windows automatically closes all running application..mostly games.. earlier on I had some trouble with my pc in this tread...
  18. G

    CPU & GPU heating

    Hi I got a AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE running at 3.2 GHz. I also have sapphire hd 6850 GPU. On normal load the CPU temp is 48-50 degree Celsius and GPU is 56-58 degree Celsius. But if I play NFS The run at 1080P then CPU temp goes to 80 degree Celsius and GPU goes to 82 degree Celsius. Is this...
  19. S

    Gmat or gre ?

    Hi guys,I am an engineering student ,next july I'll be graduating with a engineers degree in electronics and communication .My question is 1)After engineering I want to go for a master's degree ,I'm very much fascinated by the business and management line but I'm good in programming languages...
  20. M

    Need help on Heat dissipation on gpu

    Hi guys i have a gpu which get heated to 100 degree . Just wanted to know if i apply thermal paste can i get it down to 20 degree or so. As my other is working at 70 degree max at full load. This shoots up in 5-10 min.
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