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Is doing an MBA after a BA worth it?


I am in BA 1st year right now. I want to do an MBA after this so that i can get a good job. I wanna ask.. will i get admission into a good college and get a decent job after finishing MBA without any prior work experience and an arts degree? Any chance of getting placed in a foreign company..?

Do companies think of a BA as a bad degree to hire, especially finance companies??

If there is anybody here who is doing an MBA or working as an MBA professional, can you please help me out?


BA is not a bad degree to hire. However, the line of work that you're planning to work on ( finance ) might look for other candidates.

IF you're Interested in Finance Sector, It would be better if you were doing B.com or BCCA or BBA. { & then MBA }
Finance Companies might prefer a degree in commerce rather than one in arts { just my assumption. If i am wrong, pls forgive me } :)

As far as getting placed in good companies is concerned, it depends upon 2 things :

1. Your college placements [ assuming this a MBA college ] - If your college has some good placements, there's no reason why you can't get one.
2. In case you're college placements are not satisfactory, For off-campus placements, Your Average Marks ( for both graduation & MBA ) matters a lot.


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As far as I remember from some discussion on NDTV about 80k MBA students pass each year whereas only 20k are needed. . .
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