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Trying to summarise it in short. I have an engineering degree of Electronics and telecom. and later have done MBA in marketing.Not to mention not from any reputed colleges. I want to get a job either in web designing or web development. I have learnt web developing and designing my self from internet , and i am good at it . I know html , css , javascript , jquery. I can make ajax based website(like user login/logout/registration/database etc) . I know php along with mysql. I use Dreamweaver/notepad++.
After passing out MBA many years have been wasted , cause of some personal issues and also my unwillingness of doing jobs. But now i want to get a job, problem is i am 30 now. Also do i need some degree in web designing/development to get a job? somewhere in this forum i was reading that a guy wanted to get a job in web designing/developing after passing 12th and he has been advised to get a degree,because people who have degree will get preference to. Is the degree has to be in web development or in any subject? Because i already have two degrees ( engineering,MBA).
So what is the opportunity for me with no job experience to get a web designing/developing job and if there is any what will be the minimum salary in Kolkata.
Also what will be better for me at the entry level , designing or developing?

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Being in web development for more than 4 years now. I believe at the stage you are; if you have somewhat good communication skills then go for Business development (BD) straightforward. A BD tallks to the clients over a call or skype via some websites or directly. And this way brings projects to the company as you have some experience in web development already.

So better apply for BD and search for job consultants in your city. They will get you a starting job. And once being in the industry more doors will open for you.
So Dream Big, but start today. And Yes you have the ability to do 'coz not all have the courage to describe oneself so openly !

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From what I know, there isn't any professional course for web designing, atleast in India.
The ones that are available teach you cheapo stuff which you can learn for free from w3 schools.
Sharma's advise is good.
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