Buying a new mobile - Help Needed


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Hi Guys,

i am planning to buy a android phone..
i will be mostly using it for browsing and gaming(not high end)...
the phone i was intrested in was Motorola indiatimes shopping the price is abt it ok?
in ebay after applying coupon you can get it for 14k..
since defy+ is released will there be support for defy and it is also 2.2 froyo..

i also conisdered xperia neo v..its available for 16k(adexmart) and defy + also available for 16k after applying copons(indiaplaza)..

budget is max 15000..but if xperia neo v or defy + is worth it..i can extend the budget..

which one is better option? or shud i buy now or wait till christmas - new year so that there will be some offers?

if there is any other phone in this range please do suggest..
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