1. Faun

    GigaSmilies and UniSmilies are Merged Now !!!

    Hope you guys will get more and more goodies within time and with lots of features :) and quality. The Merging of two will definitely be a step forward to more products emerging out soon and with much better support and robustness :D And 3 cheers for the application getting a dedicated hosting...
  2. Dipen01

    !! Forum dedicated "Exclusively" for Books

    Hey guys, I am looking for good forums exclusively dedicated for books. i.e Previews,Reviews,Ratings, Suggestions, Discussions of all types of books (Fiction/Non Fiction) I saw some forums where they have sections for Books but i want total focus on Books. Thanx.. :)
  3. iMav

    laptop suggestion

    i want to know which brand or model should i go for: my budget: 55k my requirements: 1. vista home premium 2. 1gb or more ram 3. integrated webcam 4. preferably a dedicated graphics card hp, sony or dell??? i have seen some of their models and all seem to be similar in features and...
  4. A

    For Sell Nvidia Graphics Card 256 MB Dedicated

    Hi guys i have a Nvidia Graphics Card purchased 2 months back i wanna sell it back at pretty cheap price Its 256 dedicated graphics i will tell u i bought it for 3k so hoping to get close to 2.5k n yes not to 4get its a PCI Express Card so plz let me know
  5. A

    W960i or K850i ?!!?

    yea , yea.. i know i'm doing tyhe crime of comparing two mobiles of different segments, but still, this is nerve wecking decision we alwayz land ourselves in...c'mon lets see which one would we go for... The Sony Ericsson W960 or Sony Ericsson K850 ? Lemme jus help u guyz vote... Brief Specs...
  6. H

    Skype or MSN

    Hi all.. Of late I have been facing VOICE quality problems on my MSN. Do you think SKYPE is a better option since it is a dedicated platform for talking PC to PC.. Would highly appreciate some expert comments. Thanks.
  7. venom X

    How to download from Megaupload

    Can someone tellme how to download from megaupload without using its toolbar (which is bundled with spyware)? almost always the slots dedicated for the country are in use. ne solution?
  8. S

    5500 or 6233 ?

    I am confused which one to buy :( I heard alot about 6233 having good battery life,nice Video (640 x 480),Dual Speaker and s40 3rd edition. Whereas 5500 is rough n tough,S60 3rd edition,SMS Audio reader,And other gr8 features But issue with 6233 are frequent crashes and 5500 keypad seems to...
  9. T

    hp dv5200tx

    i am planning to buy a laptop does any one know how is hp pavilion dv5200tx i want to know its graphic cards dedicated ram i have two options either lenovo 3000n100(07684ka) or this hp modelHP DV 5200TX with following specs Duo T2550 1.73 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB 15.4" colour WXGA...
  10. abhishek_sharma

    overclocking an amd sempron 2500

    can a amd64 sempron 2500+ on an asus k8v-mx mobo be overclocked. can the mobo also be overclocked?? if yes give a few links to resopurces or some tips... next the mobo can have upto 64mb shared gfx, i have a 512 mb ram, as well as a geforce4 mx 4000 128 mb dedicated gfx card which i used...
  11. esumitkumar

    Laptops wid dedicated grafix card ?

    Plz list laptops with their prices which have dedicated graphics card for gaming.... Thanks Sumit
  12. S

    Want to know where are servers?'s IP address is There servers are located at US [Englewood, Colorado] VERIO datacenter. is running on a linux server. I think some other sites are also running on the same server and but different IP's are allocated to them. If they have taken a...
  13. T

    Website on the Internet

    I am planning to host my own website on the Internet. The website will have regular updates. Please tell me, does it require that I run a dedicated SERVER in my home and run my website there. OR No dedicated SERVER is necessary. Please help me decide
  14. yogi7272

    dedicated cpu cooler

    hi guys , i am looking out for a dedicated heat sink for my socket 478 3.2 ghz prescoot .. which i am planning to do some overclocking on .. now i have came across asus star ice cooler which was massive in size as well as had copper heat pipes .. anyone have used it ? pls suggest anything...
  15. hack expert

    condition zero dedicated server

    well guysi play the game on lan but some of my friends are not on my network so ihave to try out playing on the internet is it possible using halflife dedicated servers the problem is whenever i start the server it gives a mssg dat ur server is out of date n u need to update are there any...
  16. S

    tutorial request- how do i setup a dedicated server, after b

    tutorial request- how do i setup a dedicated server, after buying it??? i mean, how do i install, apache, php n stuff
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