1. Desmond

    Classic PC games on the Internet Archive

    The Internet Archive, the website that is dedicated to maintaining an archive of every website in existence, also has a section dedicated to curating and sharing classic PC games from the days gone by. Here you can download your favourite classics...
  2. M

    Want best gaming laptop under 40k. confused b/w intel and amd???

    I am a gaming addict guy. i want a gaming laptop nothing else with loud sound quality and with dedicated graphics for further long time like it could play games that are released after 4 5 years and with no issues like in dual graphics games run on integrated graphics and not on dedicated...
  3. sksundram

    Dedicated Indian Smartphone Section on XDA

    Excerpt : In a post in the news section, XDA said that second-highest traffic source for the site is India and it wanted to recognise the work done by Indian developers and users, by creating a dedicated section for Indian phones. “Until now, we’ve admittedly done a poor job of supporting these...
  4. a_medico

    Any good indian auto forum?

    Hello guys, Are you aware of any good forum dedicated to discussion on indian cars/bikes?
  5. S

    Farcry2 (unable to create online dedicated server)

    Kindly some one guide me how to make a dedicated server (online) for farcry 2. Kindly explain step by step procedure. Thx will be thankful to all who can help.
  6. A

    Need a good laptop under 35k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Up to 35000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14-15 inches 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like:Hp,Dell,Asus,Samsung,Lenovo b. Dislike:HCL, Acer 4) What are the primary tasks will you...
  7. R

    Disable Intel HD 4000

    My new ASUS K55VM laptop now has a string of issues. The most important one being gaming. My system boasts of a nVidia 630M 2GB dedicated card but it still can't handle old games like mirror's edge or GTA 4. I have a 3rd gen Intel core and hence the Optimus feature of the Ivy Bridge that...
  8. S

    which laptop to buy under 28k?

    these are the preffered configs- 1. 2nd gen core processor 2. more than 320 gb hdd 3. at least 2gb ddr3 ram 4. better if a dedicated graphics card is there need an urgent reply, gonna buy it in a few hours!!!!!
  9. K

    Processor and graphics

    Please suggest a few good games that I would be able 2 play on this config Intel i5 2450M 4gb ram Nvidia 520MX 1 gb dedicated graphics coz that is wat I am best getting on a notebook I am planning to buy(please only action games no sims)
  10. MetalheadGautham

    ThinkDigit Chefs

    There were three threads before like this but they have been closed ages ago... Anyway, many of us here live alone or are stuck in hostels or just get hungry at random times when there is no source of good food. So here is a thread dedicated to everyone who can cook or who wants to try to...
  11. S

    HP laptop within 35k

    Hp laptops within 35k.Mainly core i-series processors.with bluetooth & wi-fi.with at least 512 dedicated nvidia or ati graphics immedietly please.
  12. RBX

    Intel HD Graphics with Dedicated Graphics Card

    This question might've been asked multiple times but I can't figure out what exactly would happen to processor graphics in the presence of Dedicated GPU. My laptop is going (waiting for stupid sales representative to confirm the transaction) to have Intel i7-2630QM 2.00 GHz and NVIDIA GT 540M...
  13. M

    GPU for PhysX

    I have EVGA 9800GTX+ on my SLI-enabled MoBo. I am planning to add 9500GT (XFX) to it for use as dedicated PhysX card. Will this combination work for my purpose?
  14. R

    HP's G Series Vs Dell's Inspiron?

    After going through HP India and Dell India sites are feel that the products are so much competitively priced that it makes a consumer a hell lot confused WHICH ONE TO BUY? My picks: HP G42-478TX: i3-370m,500GB HDD,3GB RAM,512MB dedicated ATI GRAPHICS, Price:INR 36k or Dell Inspiron...
  15. S

    Dedicated Best Scanner available in Kolkata India

    Dedicated Best Scanner available in Kolkata India Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new HP scanner (dedicated one) flatbed scanner for scanning of documents on regular basis. I believe HP is the best branded company for scanners. Pls suggest good affordable model for scanners...
  16. A

    Why Lucknow isn’t the best place for practicing Geekery

    Re: Gaming PC for 35k @ keviv219 Jaskanwar Singh ico samy boy :D toad_frog09 cilus sorcerer etc(joh log bach gae) i too visit tdf but in invisible forum . :P this article is dedicated to you all written by my friend after we visited naza market
  17. anurag100

    A laptop Under 25000

    What will be best choice for a laptop under 25000? It would be awesome if it comes with a dedicated Graphics card :mrgreen:
  18. R

    please help me buying a laptop???

    hi everybody. i have a budget of 40-50 thousand bucks and need the following for my laptop, any idea..... Minimum Requirements: 3GB DDR III RAM AMD/INTEL 5 core or 7 core CPU 64 bit Full Virtualization support 512 MB dedicated Graphics card 300 GB + HDD any suggestions are...
  19. siddharthmakwana

    linux dedicated search by Google

    There is a specialized Google search dedicated to Linux:-)
  20. hellknight

    Apple may use AMD in their next Macs!!

    Personally, I really hate Apple rumours.. But, I'm a big, big AMD fanboy, and this one, sure interests me.. Apple is not happy with Intel and NVIDIA due to their conflict over the chipsets.. Moreover, in the red corner, AMD is doing wonders with their onboard and the dedicated GPUs.. Naturally...
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