1. tkin

    Need help with a sample survey for Cable TV users

    Hi Guys. My friend is doing MBA and he was asking me for a way to conduct surveys very fast and with accurate results. So I suggested him Google forms. We decided to run a demo to see the effectiveness of google forms for conducting surveys, its time to move away from Pen & Paper. If...
  2. E

    Android OS using too much mobile data!!!

    I use a postpaid Internet connection strictly for whatsapp. My Internet pack is limited and so I've kept the mobile data meter on. When I pull dow ln quick settings to check my data usage it shows that very little data has been used(4.06mb) but then when I look at the detailed data usage it...
  3. V

    Balance is reducing while the mobile data pack is off.

    Hi, Recently I have bought a Xiaomi Redmi 2, using since more than 4 days. As I don't have data pack but it still reducing my balance like 0.40 INR while opening Google voice or sometimes opening of camera. Why this is happening don't know? Can you please tell me the solution or how to...
  4. Ricky

    Airtel 4G plans and tariff - a big JOKE ?

    So, Airtel just launched their 4G services in whole India . Do you feel excited, well you must be as now 4G will be available in major cities around the country courtesy Bharti Airtel which is the largest telecom provider by number of users in India. Ofcourse we will soon see Reliance Jio...
  5. D

    WD HDD problem

    I have recently Bought a WD Elements 1TB HDD and copy pasted my data on it and went for a VAIO Recovery to format my laptop but now when I plug the HDD in I cannot see it though the light on HDD stays steadily on. it is alsi not detected in Disk Management or anywhere else. I have tried...
  6. M

    SD Card Data Recovery

    Hi Guys my Lexar SD card got corrupted yesterday. It shows 10gb used in My Computer . But when i open the folders theres only 3gb data displayed. Please help me recover the pics which are very very very important. Regards, Mandar
  7. P

    Recommend some affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plans in Kolkata

    I wanted your inputs on an affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plan in Kolkata for my parents to use their GSM Andriods on (actually these are CDMA chipsets with 4G ability and thus also work on GSM). The assumptions are: 1. Their cable connection at home provides them...
  8. avichandana20000

    LENOVO A7000...Mobile Data issue

    Bought this Mobile from flipkart Flash Sale. Everything is working fine. No heating issuer at all. Inserted New Aircel 3g SIM in slot 1 that supports LTE/WCDMA/GSM with a 2g Pack. Now when i am starting Mobile Data in the status bar The Letter "E" is not appearing. I have not done...
  9. B

    Mobile screen broken - no display - how to retrieve data

    Sorry if this question has been asked earlier. I did do a search on the forum but couldn't find anything, so: The phone is a Gionee E3. The display doesn't work - nothing on the screen. I've tried many shops, but to no avail. The mobile itself is in working condition; the shop-walas all...
  10. Zangetsu

    [IM] Telegram

    how many are using it ? heard that its better than Whatsapp :-D Excellent Features: FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses a distributed infrastructure with data centers positioned around the globe to connect users to the closest possible server...
  11. @

    Anyone interested in attending a hackathon? (Bangalore)

    Yo guys I come across this hackaton arranged by Pervazive. Dates are every weekends of June. Location is in Banshankari II Stage. link - Pervazive (click on events on left sidebar) registration link - * --- Anyone interested in teaming up with me?
  12. A

    Sold a smartphone? Beware, your data can still be accessible

    Sold a smartphone? Beware, your data can still be accessible
  13. F

    3G dongle for use in Bangalore

    Hello Friends I m using MTS Mbalze postpaid 3G plus 999 plan. Recently I have been downgraded from 40Gb plan to 15GB day + 15Gb night plan. I m planning to shift to any other data provider. Please suggest the best option available in Bangalore. Monthly Budget: Rs 1000-1500 Data Required: Min...
  14. jatt

    Can I recover data from a Mac hard drive using a PC

    Hi frnds, I want to copy data from a Macbook hdd,and my Macbook is not turning on but hdd is in good condition so i want to recover hdd whole stuff to my win 7 computer.How can i do that? Is there any software by which's help i can see my Macbooks HDD into my windows 7 PC.Please guide...
  15. sksundram

    Transferring data from 'old' to 'new' memory card.

    I want to buy a 32 GB memory card for my Android cell. I already have a 16 GB micro SD card full of data. My question is how to completely transfer all the data from the old 16 GB card to the new one. Is it simple copy and paste or I have to follow some other procedure coz there are data files...
  16. swatkats

    Idea Cellular says net neutrality will raise data price to Rs 1,000-2,500 per GB

    Idea Cellular says net neutrality will raise data price to Rs 1,000-2,500 per GB | REAL TIME NEWS Dear Idea cellular. This is not USA and you are not Comcast/ATT
  17. B

    How to Erase Data from HDD

    Hello i am going to sell my HDD so just wanted to make sure that there are no Data on my HDD. Please advise whether just Formatting the Drive will be sufficient or i have to do anything else to be sure ?
  18. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Telecom operators warn of six-fold hike in data tariffs

    Mobile operators on Friday said that they may have to increase data tariffs by up to six times to remain viable if the proposed regulations did not offer a level-playing field with net-based services such as Skype and WhatApp. Although they "supported" net neutrality and launched a campaign...
  19. Desmond

    Google launches its own mobile network for Nexus 6 owners

    It's called Project Fi. Only available in the US for now...duh! Source: Google launches its own mobile network for Nexus 6 owners | The Verge
  20. Vyom

    How Ubuntu screwed me over and why I still love it

    Following is first hand account on loosing all my Data on a 1 TB disk due to a Ubuntu bug and it's recovery --------- As humans, memories have a special place in our heart. Nothing can prepare us if something goes wrong and god forbid you lose them. It’s hard but imagine losing months of snaps...
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