Anyone interested in attending a hackathon? (Bangalore)


Yo guys I come across this hackaton arranged by Pervazive. Dates are every weekends of June. Location is in Banshankari II Stage.

This is open to anyone who can crawl/scrape the internet for relevant data, people who can structure and analyze the said data and people who can present it beautifully. That is pretty much it. You can be a person who specializes in any one of the above expertise or all three of them.

We only require you to have 4-5 Github exercises so we know that you are qualified.

We value the time that you will be spending here and want to make it worth your while. So this is what we are willing to offer:

Guaranteed employment opportunities for 1 or 2 people
Workspace, mentorship, and environment access to the winner to work on his/her own ideas
Opportunity to have a sit down discussion with Harvard grads.

What Should I Bring?

You, your team, and laptops, of course!
We will provide the internet, food, space and all essentials.

link - Pervazive (click on events on left sidebar)
registration link - *


Anyone interested in teaming up with me?
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