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  1. JGuru

    Introduction to Android programming

    Introduction to Android programming Lets get started programming in Android!!. I give some android useful examples with complete source code. I'm not a android programmer. But learning android is easy for a Java programmer!! Let's start !! Threads Handler Demo package...
  2. B

    BSNL is shutting down EVDO services

    BSNL has announced the shutdown of CDMA Voice and EVDO data service. BSNL has cited poor performance, low revenue, and small customer base as reason for the shutdown of CDMA services. I was using EVDO data card for last 7 years. But now they only offer to migrate to 3g or broadband both are very...
  3. J

    Missing of Tally9 data file

    Hi Friends, I have faced a typical problem while working with Tally9. I am running Win 7-Ult(64-bit) Desktop & installed Tally 9(32-bit), which naturally found its place in Program Files(x86)\Tally. Here I have created a co. & started entering data. After some work, I wanted...
  4. rickenjus

    Airtel introduces combo STV offering unlimited calling and 4G data in Delhi circle

    Source :laughing_NF::laughing_NF::laughing_NF:
  5. B

    Windows 10 violating privacy

    Hi Guys, I was reading on the internet that Windows 10 violates our privacy by this- Data syncing is by default enabled. Browsing history and open websites. Apps settings. WiFi hotspot names and passwords. Your device is by default tagged with a...
  6. A

    How to back up data from an Android phone with a damaged screen.

    I dropped my Moto X 2nd gen yesterday and now display is not working. It was running marshmallow. I tried connecting it to my PC to recover files. It is getting detected but as USB mode was set to charging, I can't actually see my files there (before the damage it had to be set to media transfer...
  7. D

    Data Recovery

    Dear Digitian Im reposting this thread. coz my Laptop's HDD problem is still unsolved. in year 2014 my Laptops HDD got crashed due to shutdown of laptop. i tried softwars like puran file recovery, wondershare, stellar pheonix. but still cant get my data back. Can anyone help me to retrieve...
  8. K

    Mi4i mobile data problem with Airtel network

    Hello, Since the very first day I got my Mi4i phone, my Airtel connection showing data service problem on it. Whenever I turn on the data, it connects to the network but doesn't work. I mean Airtel 3G is connected, H+ appeared, data transfer is showing activity, but neither any app is...
  9. RageshAntony

    Tamil Nadu's ‘Arasu Fibre’ rolls out internet plan:: At Rs299 P/m, Incredibly Accessible Broadband

    Tamil Nadu's state-owned cable TV and internet service provider Arasu Corporation has launched a fibre-based broadband service starting at Rs299 per month for a line with 2Mbps speed and a 2GB data limit. It will offer a range of plans, including a 40GB data pack at 4Mbps speed for Rs899. The...
  10. B

    Limit speed, data

    Hi Guys, We have networking between win 10 and win xp. Win 10 is connected via wifi and Win xp is connected via lan cable. No ip is given to either of the machines for networking. Is there any software/technique using which we can limit the speed and set the data limit in the pc with Win xp...
  11. Cyberghost

    Airtel has suggested TRAI to reduce post-FUP speed to 64kbps

    Airtel claims users misuse minimum broadband speed facility, asks TRAI to reduce post-FUP speeds to 64kbps The operator says a lot of customers have misused the minimum broadband speed facility, forcing the operator to forced to keep the price at a higher threshold. Telecom giant Bharti...
  12. B

    Big win for net neutrality: Telecom regulator prohibits discriminatory tariffs for data

    NEW DELHI: Telecom regulator Trai on Monday prohibited discriminatory tariffs for data services on the basis of content. The move is a big blow to Facebook's highly-controversial 'Free Basics' platform and Airtel's zero-rated platform 'Airtel Zero'. In an order, 'Prohibition of Discriminatory...
  13. Flash

    TRAI received 80% replies on net neutrality from Facebook

    Judgement day is approaching for the fate of net neutrality in India. As Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) gears up to frame the net neutrality rules, telecom operators have favoured differential pricing for data services. Nearly 80% replies to the regulator’s consultation process...
  14. A

    Need better method to copy over HUGE amounts of data

    Hi, A friend of mine contacted me with a need of his that he is struggling with currently. I will paste his email ( personal details omitted for privacy) : We need to copy 4 TB data from from 4 TB external Hard disk to make identical copy on 4 TB external hard disk. Currently we are doing...
  15. K

    How reliable is You Broadband? (mumbai)

    I have been using Airtel for almost 10 years now.. But their FUP limit is pretty annoying. Went to their website to see if they had any plans with a better data limit and the best they have for Mumbai is 100gb.. which isnt enough. You Broadband is a decent option. The speeds (you wtf has...
  16. warfreak

    How much does professional data recovery cost?

    My secondary hard drive(Seagate Barracuda 1TB) recently started having issues and today, it seems to have finally died. It makes a clicking noise during boot and then spins down after a while. I had already taken backup of most of my critical data but left most of my other data on the drive...
  17. dissel

    Any BSNL 3G User here...How to check 3G Data Balance Since BSNL system Upgrade ?

    As title suggest, This November (5-6th) BSNL upgrade their Recharge system and the USSD code *123*10# not working anymore to check Data Balance. Before posting here in this thread I Googled but all return the OLD code.... If anyone figured please reply here . Thanks in advance. - - -...
  18. ax3

    mobile location !!!

    can anyone track you, if your mobile data (3g) connection is on ???
  19. bijay_ps

    Data Push from Oracle server

    Hi All, Problem: There is a HTML5 website (client's website) and currently it is using ajax to poll the server to get and reflect the new data. Now Client wants that whenever there is any new data in DB (Oracle db is being used here) the server should push the data itself to the browser , so...
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