Mi4i mobile data problem with Airtel network


Since the very first day I got my Mi4i phone, my Airtel connection showing data service problem on it. Whenever I turn on the data, it connects to the network but doesn't work. I mean Airtel 3G is connected, H+ appeared, data transfer is showing activity, but neither any app is working nor I am able to browse anything with any browser. It shows "Couldn't load this page" message everytime. I tried changing SIM cards 3 times, but it didn't work. I have another connection of BSNL which data service just works fine. I also tried Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance SIM cards on my phone & these netwokrs worked just fine. I even tried my Airtel SIM card on another 2 phones (Redmi 2 & Micromax A120) & it was working fine. What could be the problem I'm not able to figure out. I need a solution to this problem real soon.


Faced same issue on Airtel with Iphone 6s on both 3G and 4G connection. Finally dumped Airtel and Ported. Voila..Problem Solved!


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Change the APN in network settings. Solved problem of whatsapp not working in my friend's Redmi phone with bsnl sim.
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