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  1. T

    after downlading the torrent"Prototype.2.Full-RiP.JoeKkerr.part1 " getting error on self extraction

    Getting Error When Extracting The Torrent "Prototype.2.Full-RiP.JoeKkerr.part1" with self extraction for win 7 Clipboard Details : Extracting Data04.arc Packed data CRC failed in Data04.arc The required volume is absent CRC failed in Data04.arc
  2. V

    crc error shown while opening a folder in portable hdd

    hey guys....... i have a problem with my toshiba 1TB portable hdd, since one week whenever i try to open a folder, crc error msg comes up and shows no files in that folder. but the free capacity remains unchanged. And sometimes the hd is not connecting to pc or laptop. i tried the command...
  3. R

    crc errors

    I have a series of rar files (.r00, .r01, etc. - I do know how to work with such files). When I try to extract the one big file that's stored in these file, I get "CRC error in .rxx, file is corrupt"..is there a way to fix these CRC errors?
  4. J

    CRC errors on rar archive files.

    Hi friends. I'm new to this digit forum. The problem with my PC is whenever i'm downloading some files which are in rar format, after download it never extracts properly showing crc errrors. If i force recheck that files it downloads again and next time it shows same crc error on a random...
  5. Disc_Junkie

    7z archive repair??

    I had downloaded a 7z file of 600MB from the net which were split into 001,002..... files. I have joined them using HJSplit and it successfully joined. But when I extract it, a CRC error comes. Is there any way to repair the error?:?::?: Or is there any repair tool? Please tell........
  6. P

    crc check error While copying data within hard drive

    What may be the problem if crc Check error occurs when copying data within the disk from one drive to .another . i had changed the hard drive to new after four months the problem now started with the new drive what may be the problem .
  7. Plasma_Snake

    Real QnA

    Well we can get our Engg notes and lectures through NPTEL but is there any site where we can post our questions and get answers if not instantly then after few hours or so, like "Why Data Link Protocol always puts CRC in Header rather than in trailer?" ;)
  8. akshaykapoor_3

    Problem with extracting files..CRC checksum error

    Hi guyz.. I am facing some problems extracting zipped files.. I have 6.5 GB Data whch is a ISO file... WinRar pops up sm CRC check error saying the volume is corrupt.. I tried repairing the archive by rebuilding it but it dint work.. I'min no mood to delete the Data:D .. Any way out ??
  9. S

    Need help with Crysis Demo!

    I cant install crysis demo on my pc. I am getting a CRC Failed error whenever i try to install it. I download the demo 4 times from different mirrors like Nvidia, fileplanet, ea and yahoo. I have a small internet connection. I am downloading at 30Kbps only. So it is taking more than 12 hour to...
  10. Vivek788

    DVD woes

    I have a Sony GS120A dvd writer abt 3 months old Recently 3 dvds that I had burnt in it has suddenly become unreadable and gives CRC errors and fails in nero checks...help me...no recovery softwares helping...all ma games and films gone... :(
  11. P

    winrar problem!!!

    when i am trying to extract rar files the following messages are displayed "\New Folder\REPAIRED\coed11.part1.rar: Packed data CRC failed in Concise Oxford English Dictionary 11th Edition (Full ISO) uploaded by challanger\install.exe. The volume is corrupt ! CRC failed in Concise Oxford...
  12. Kniwor

    Let's Discuss CRC error

    Ok, basically there's been a lots of thread and discussions on this, and we all know what it is, I'd be better we discuss how each of us handle the error. Suppose u are copying a Video DVD, and have a CRC error, this is the most unfortunate situation as you know that u can skip a little video...
  13. G

    Winrar Problem

    I hav the CBT Nudgets of N+ and Security+ and when i extract it it asks for the password and after accepted the password it will give error after completeting 99% that CRC Failed Wrong paasword. plz help me . i hav tried download that twice but the problem is as it is.
  14. P

    CRC Failure

    got tombraider DVD from friend,but cant install due to CRC failure! CRC ? anyone pliz help.
  15. ionicsachin

    DVD Problems...

    There is something reallly wierd with my DVD drive. All the digit DVDs work very fine but many other movy DVDs while copying give CRC error. Even Tomb Raider Legends DVD while installing gave a CRC error.
  16. samrulez

    How can i deal with CRC errors??????

    Hey geeks, Is there any way to avoid CRC errors.Coz i have some really imp CDs which give CRC errors while copying them.Also, some Cd's cannot be copyed on my system but can be on my friends machine.I tried buying a new Combo drive but the problem persists.Pls help me!
  17. s18000rpm

    CRC Error

    I recently bought GTA SA, i installed the game in my Brother's Laptop(XP Pro), it worked fine, but when i tried to INSTALL IT on MY PC, it showed me a CRC error. then tried to copy the files of the DVD, but i couldnt (same CRC error). I tried to open the file "DATA1.CAB" in that DVD, WinZip...
  18. N

    What is CRC (cyclic redundancy check) error ?

    I am getting this error with most of cd. plz tell me
  19. choudang

    CRC error

    from the day before yesterday, i have gone with CRC error. i have some game CDs, when i trying to install, after sometime it comes with a error CRC ERROR: x/x/xx.......... file is not match with the setup file ......... .... .. contact your ..... .... .. how can i solve that prob, some the...
  20. T

    CRC failed..file corrupt!!!!

    hi ppl, i recently downloaded an application..and it gives me the following error:- CRC failed - file corrupt when i try to unrar it..but the place from where i downloaded says that it works fine.. can someone pls rectify this problem???
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