1. dreatica

    IPod Shuffle 1gb

    * Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: iPod Shuffle 1gb with all the accessories. * Expected Price: SOLD * Time of Purchase: April 2009 * Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months. * Reason for Sale: hardly ever used it. * Purchase Invoice...
  2. amitava82

    Need some help in courier tracking!!

    Hey guys I was kinda bored today evening, so developed this site to track couriers! I had this on my mind quite sometime now. I do lot of shopping on ebay and other online sites and it's kinda hassle to track different couriers on different web sites. Now, the problem is I don't know that many...
  3. blademast3r

    Flat rate courier service bangalore

    Hey guys Can someone recommend a good courier service in bangalore?? Need to ship a processor with heatsink.. How much wud it cost and how much do these things weigh??
  4. E

    Suggest Price for a second hand macmini

    2 year old macmini,running on snow leopard,2 GHz processor 2 GB RAM,120GB HDD,4 USB ports and 1 firmware 400.How much can I pay for it? Also,if someone knows what are the courier charges to get it from US to India and is it necessary to pay customs duty for macmini,if I get it from US. Please...
  5. montsa007

    Or Trade Motorola Backflip

    1. Model number and details: Motorola Backflip 2. Date of purchase:purchased a month back, invoice available 3. Reason for sale:bored of it 4. Warranty details:11 months left (Can issue a bill of fresh date as the shopkeeper knows me very well) 5. Expected Price:15000 incl courier 6. Location of...
  6. V

    Digit's Poor courier service+pathetic help@thinkdigit

    Poor courier service I have been a subscriber of digit for past 3 months and I never get magazine on time, last month's mag. arrived on 15th july, that to, when i called courier company atleast 4 times and asked them to deliver it, this month also it has been 9th august and i am still...
  7. A

    Is It safe to get hard disk via courier

    Is It safe to get hard disk via courier i want ide hard disk which is not available from the shop i purchase computer items i found it in delhi and i stay in bombay the person told me he will courier the hard disk in good packing and if the courier person even drops the hard disk on the...
  8. azzu

    Microsoft's Secret Tablet

    It feels like the whole world is holding its breath for the Apple tablet. But maybe we've all been dreaming about the wrong device. This is Courier, Microsoft's astonishing take on the tablet. Courier is a real device, and we've heard that it's in the "late prototype" stage of development...
  9. max_demon

    [URGENT] Courier Misplacement By DTDC

    i am really annoyed at this issue , five days earlier i have booked a courier to [Amarbir]Chandigarh for a Demand Draft, i have also included a letter regarding my order information etc . but i had recieved a call from amarbir that there was no demand draft in the envelope , this is a...
  10. G

    Reliable courier service for sending stuff across India?

    I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to be couriered to ThinkDigit'ers across India. The usual suspects in my area (DTDC, Vichare, Professional Courier) are utter pansies and seem wary of anything remotely electronic (graphics cards, stereo BT headphones, watches etc.). DTDC is okay with...
  11. Chetan1991

    interstate courier services blocked: how are we going to shop on eBay?

    Hey you ppl might have read in newspapers that interstate courier service has been stopped for some time because of terrorist activities. So how are ebay product going to be transported to customers. I was just going to buy something....... Oh and i also wanted to ask that how prices of...
  12. Log_net2

    Please guide me on online shopping

    i never done online shopping.if i import electronic gadget to India how much will be the import duties,VAT and all. will the courier still charged me and if how much for delivering the product to my doorsteps even though i paid the shipping cost. Does it mean that shipping cost is the cost to...
  13. F

    Price Check: WGR614 Wifi Router

    Want to sell my NETGEAR WGR614 54 Mbps 802.11g Wireless Router. I ordered it from ebay, courier got stuck in transit for 15 days because of short address. During that time...i switched to Dataone and got UTSTARCOM WA3002G4 Wifi Router from BSNL. I used this Netgear WGR614 router for one...
  14. M

    Geforce 6200 Ultra 256MB,AGP8X Card with 2.7Yrs Warranty

    Sparkle 6200 Ultra2 AGP 8X graphics card with 256MB DDR2 memory is up for sale.Its only 4 months old (Bought on 26-11-07),used mainly for running vista. 2 yrs and 7 Months warranty left. Its in very good condition.Never over clocked. Runs vista beautifully.Also good for pre 2007 games in...
  15. mns.saraf

    rediff shopping help

    i have purchased memory card for 545 from rediff the product was defective i returned it back as per their instruction and mailed the courier details too they acknowledged the courier detail BUT FROM LAST TEN NEITHER I RECEIVED MY PRODUCT NOR ANY MAIL ABOUT IT WHAT TO DO ANY TELEPHONE NUMBER TO...
  16. A

    Still Waiting for Digit DEC Magazine By courier

    i am Still Waiting for Digit DEC Magazine By courier Today is 13 DEC Have anyone got the magazine till now . i am a subcriber from many years . Why there is such a delay, never getting magazine before 10th of every month from 1 year . WHY
  17. L

    128mb Sdram

    used 128MB SD RAM for sale It's under life time warranty, good condition & have the original bill to claim warranty if needed. Prefer someone in NCR region to save courier cost. I can bear maximum of Rs.50 as courier charges for outside NCR.
  18. arunks

    Send a electronic item through courier from one city to other, one state to other

    In India if someones wants to send one or more electronic item from one city to other , from one state to other then how can he or she send it. I mean is there any risk in sending it through courier and How is the octroi applicable on it? But someone told me it is illegal to send these items...
  19. S

    Used Psp Games For Sale

    i have 3 psp gta liberty cites the sims 2 spiderman 2 xmen 2 each for 1500 Rs or QUOTE ur price i will send it by firstflight courier courier charges 150 let me know
  20. bkpeerless

    won lotery should i trust

    Hi friends I got a mail a few days ago saying i won a lotery of 55000 pound which is managed by BRITISH LOTTERY INTERNATION. They ansked my name adress and verification data to be send to some kelvin mishal. Then Swift courier international send me a mail asking a sum of 550 pound is a...
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