1. webgenius

    Health insurance queries

    I'm looking for a health insurance for me and wife. We both are still in our 20s. Both are employed. What insurance cover amount should we opt for? Which insurance provider is the best in terms of ease of claims settlement? I and my wife have not registered our marriage. So should we get two...
  2. Garbage

    Need a "propose letter" with corporate jargon

    Hi, As Valentine's day coming near, one of my friend wanted to write a "propose letter" with lots of corporate jargon. She wants to submit it for some competition. I am hopping you guys could help. :P
  3. Rahim

    Collection of Interesting Articles on OSS

    With dwindling threads in Open Source Section I have decided to post articles from my feeds that I find interesting. :-) would be adding more articles in this thread. 5 Ways to Decide on a Linux Distribution Ken Hess's Linux Blog Prejudices and opinions aside, at some point in your career...
  4. C

    Linux distros and Apple beat Microsoft’s homepage uptime

    Source Nice to see a free desktop oriented distribution like Ubuntu fare very close to the commercial and proven server grade distros Linux. The site points to unplanned downtime of 29 hours during a week-end for Arch Linux. If not for that it should have fared pretty well too, at about 24 mins.
  5. H

    Re:Norton Virus

    Hi all I just bought a Compaq Presario Laptop, preinstalled with Windows Vista and a trial version of Norton AntiVirus. Now I know this will start giving me problem as soon as it expires. Since I have access to a corporate copy- edition 10, I tried loading that and it said "Incompatible" Any...
  6. anandk

    Vista & Corporate India: Nine months later

    Since the official enterprise launch in November 2006, business adoption of Windows Vista has crossed over 600,000 licenses in India. Giants like Infosys, TCS, Satyam, NIIT, K Raheja Corp, Symphony Services, Siemens BPO, Macawber Beekay and Larsen & Toubro have migrated to Vista After the...
  7. ax3

    who gets paid more ???

    who gets paid more, IT professional or corporate ppl ??? my guess is corporate ppl ......... it ppl r paid less compared 2 them ...... whot do u think ppl ?
  8. pritish_kul2

    Symantec Corporate

    My symantec corporate antivirus always remains disabled, when i enable it , it automatically becomes disabled. what can the problem be?
  9. ITTechPerson

    Toshiba Laptop Problem

    while typing in word/ppt the cursor automaticaly jumping to any othe place of the page, automaticaly changing a line / part to italiks, deleting some lines. changed the keyboard, but It doesn't helped. is it a virus? using symantec corporate edition 10.1.1 pls suggest, lap is still under...
  10. rajasekharan

    Norton corporate edition.....

    hi all..... how is norton corporate edition it comparable with nod 32 and kaspersky it light on resources, i am presently using avast it better if i switch to norton corporate edition????....please give me a suggestion......has anyone used it before????
  11. T

    Microsoft Vista released for sale MICROSOFT Founded: 1975 HQ: Redmond, Washington Staff: 71,000 Sales: $44.3bn Operating profit: $16.5bn Windows sales: $13.2bn Office sales: ~$10bn Financial year to 30 June 2006 Source: annual report 2006 Microsoft's new...
  12. ferrarif50

    Problems with IE 6.0

    Hi, I am using IE 6.0 with Windows XP SP 2, in a corporate environment. I get a script error dialog box, whenever I visit any website outside the intranet (ie in the internet). Sometimes I get the error repeatedly, until I close the website. The error says the following: An error has...
  13. S

    Suggest Best domain name, web hosting service

    hi, Its been a long time when i last posted here...and i am here for some useful advice. One of my relatives have a Buliders company and finaly after a year they have decided to have a corporate's latest project is in mathura ...Pre launching would be in mid to
  14. T


    which are current famous and widely used RDBMSs in the market / corporate world?
  15. T

    What is the difference between Norton 2005 & Symantec Corp10

    hello ppl, i use norton 2005 and my friend has symantec corporate 10. is there is difference between the 2? the scan engine,mem usage etc.
  16. S

    Is new serial required for SP2??

    I have a licensed Windows XP Corporate edition disc. I want to create an unattended Win XP SP2 disc (I know the the steps). Will the serial code I got with Corporate edition work or do I have to get a new one??
  17. Curious Guest

    Norton Antivirus 2005 vs Symantec Antivirus Corporate

    Can anybody tell me what are the technical differences between Norton Antivirus 2005 and Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition V10.0.0.359 ?
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