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  1. Nishandh

    ImageEditing. Motherboard suggestion for C2D E8400 please ?

    Hello ! This is my first post here :) I am looking to assemble a Core2Duo E8400 based PC (have this processor in reach). I am looking for socket775 Mobo + RAM combination. (have HDDs, 450W PSU, ATX cabinet, and other peripherals ) Quite confused on what the most value for money board would...
  2. S

    Laptop suggestion?

    Hi, Anybody will suggest a laptop with superior after sales support and having at least 3 years warranty or with onsite/depot warranty. Budget is max 25k. No Netbook. Min processor is Core2Duo. I am not sure but HP/Toshiba/Sony/Lenovo/Asus are good brands. Thanks a lot.
  3. Shibaprasad

    New 4-4.5k Graphic Card.

    My friend wants to buy a graphic card between 4k to 4.5k. I don't know the exact configuration of his PC, only thing I know He has core2duo cpu<3GHz with 2GB of DDR2 ram(probably 800MHz). He wants to just run new games with playable frame rate with his system. No need of high settings and...
  4. bee

    help me choose a laptop!!

    budget : 40k [maximum 2-3k more] company preferences : none main purpose : as much gaming as possible :-D and a little bit CAD which games : all the new ones :-D i have almost played all the games which my current PC allows (core2duo, 128mb integrated :\ ) when to buy : january,2013...
  5. shayem

    e7500 with intel warranty

    For Sale ! or Trade Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel E7500 Processor Expected Price: 4,000INR or Trade with GPU/PSU Time of Purchase: May 2011 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes; More than 1year Reason for Sale: Not in use Purchase...
  6. Nerevarine

    PC Standby problem

    My friend's PC automatically goes to Standby mode, when running for a while (even when it is not inactive).. I have checkd the power management settings etc but the problem still persists.. The complete specs :- Core2Duo 2GB RAM El-cheapo Zebronics PSU (This might be the cause but i still...
  7. A

    compatable core2duo motherboard with dd3 support

    Hi seems like my old motherboard is taking a downhill. Processor is core2duo 2.66 which is good condition. Need to upgrade to a motherboard which got ddr3 support. Please guide me with links.
  8. win32.tr0jan

    SSE4.1 is not detecting!

    I have the following configuration: intel core2duo E7500 @2.93Ghz 2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM Intel D945GCL motherboard When i try to put a plugin that has support for SSE4.1 in pcsx2(PS2 emulator) it shows an error that my CPU doesnt support SSE4.1!!But Core2Duo E7XXX and up supports it!I tried...
  9. O

    which one is good inel core2duo 2.93ghz or AMD athlon ll x3's

    which is better Intel Core2Duo 2.93Ghz or AMD Athlon ll X3 425/430/435/445? Today i went to the computer peripheral shop to buy AMD processor athlon ll x3 and the shop owner started saying that AMD has issues with excess heat ,less life span of CPU and other warranty issues.... He kept on...
  10. T

    inter core i7 720QM

    hi friends i wanna buy a new laptop and while googling, i stumbled upon this: Dell(TM) Studio 14 Laptop (T540530IN8) Intel® Core™ i7-720QM (1.6GHz, 4 Cores/8 Threads, turbo up to 2.8 GHz, 6MB Cache) Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit (English) 4GB (2GBx2) 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM 500GB...
  11. R

    ASAP! - New intel PC for asic office use?

    Hi all, i wish to build a basic simple PC for basic office use such as MS-Office, mail on FireFox, opening/reading PDFs, and finally using AutoCAD 2009. BUDGET Rs. 22,000 I have shortlisted on the following components, please give suggestions ASAP, as i am going to buy at 5 pm today(23.1.2010)...
  12. IronCruz

    Better Proccy

    Which is the better processor among the two 1.AMD Athlon II X4 620@2.6 GHz 2.Intel Core2Duo E8400@3.0 GHz In all aspects....
  13. pr.itdude

    Its time to upgrade..........!!!

    I dont have much knowledge of hardware, so asking u guyz for a decent upgrade to my current system........ Current config. : Intel P4 3.0 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache Mercury motherboard Intel chipset PI945GZD 1GB RAM DDR-II 667MHz Seaget HD 160 GB 625VA UPS Graphic support: 128MB onboard graphics (dont...
  14. S

    Graphics card needed - Budget 3000

    Hi all, A friend needs a graphics card [PCI-E] within Rs 3000 for casual gaming[Should at least run the latest games at low resolutions] His config is as follows:- core2duo 2.4Ghz Intel 945 Motherboard. 17" CRT monitor 2GB DDR2 Please suggest.
  15. mak1012

    Mother board which supports pentium 4 and core2duo or dual core

    Hi, My motherboard is giving me a lot of problem these days SO I'm thinking to change it, I'm using right now intel 915GAV which supports pentium 4 and DRR 400. I want to have a new mother board which can use my old procesor and also DRR2 ram, and If I changed my processor in future it...
  16. D

    Core2Duo Procy + Mobo (Chennai only)

    Want to sell my Core2Duo E6300 1.86ghz processor, along with Intel DG965RY motherboard Reason for sale : upgrading to core i7 :D Only for Chennai buyers Price : 6k
  17. N

    12 GB RAM Support Query

    Is there any motherboard which supports 12 GB of RAM for a Core2Duo system? Anand
  18. N

    Using Core2Duo - Post your cabinet name and URL

    Hi, Please post your cabinet name with URL (if available) if you are using Intel's Core2Duo with our without graphics card. Nandu
  19. ajayritik

    Planning to buy a laptop from US for a price below $650. Need your suggestions!

    I'm planning to get a laptop from US. My budget is around $650. What is the configuration that I should look for. I'm not much into gaming,etc. Will be using it mostly for browsing, checking mails and maybe sometimes watching movies. I don't really need a very high end PC. I think I should go...
  20. anubisX

    Need Your Help Experts !!! :D

    Well, I'm planning to get a new Motherboard and a new Graphics Card. My budget is 12K. Can you suggest me a good Motherboard and a good GPU in that budget so that I can run more or less each and every games (evolving too soon :D) and applications ? I have 500 Watts POV PSU and I will get Corsair...
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