1. S

    Application copied from pendrive not working when removed the pendrive

    Hi all..i got an application exe in a pen drive. I tried to copy in to my desktop removed ther pendrive and running the application, it is throwing user defined message..but when the pendrive is attached from where i copied i was able to run from the copied desktop location. I tried cloning of...
  2. kool

    need a printer with XEROX function , under Rs.6000

    Hi guys, Suggest me a good printer for home use. I already have Canon 2900B for b/w printing and HP F4488 for color,b/w, and for xerox copy. HP F4488 is now 7 years old, stopped working today. I know it can be repaired. But already got repiared 3 times in 7 years, everytime mouse pee inside...
  3. B

    Recover data and stuff from a corrupted OS

    Hi Guys, My friends pc with xp has got corrupted. It is not even booting up properly. He has few important files on the desktop, how to retrieve them if we boot using HBCD or Ubuntu? I mean IDK how to open desktop once we boot via them. Also he needs the history of his sites visited in...
  4. B

    Not able to copy discs

    Hi Guys, I was trying to copy a disc with Ubuntu in a Windows XP Pc using Nero. But I am getting this error after the disc is copied in the system- The original disc is a Mmore disc. I tried copying in Mmore's disc itself along with Sony's blank disc but I...
  5. anarchy0x

    Transferring data(pics mostly) from XIAomi Redmi Notie 4G to PC

    I've been getting this problem while transferring pcs from Xiaomi, the pics simply won't move (trying to do a cut & paste here) & sometimes they do after doing it for a second or third time or even more attempts. Even while using copy paste I'm not able to get all the pics. This has made my...
  6. A

    Need better method to copy over HUGE amounts of data

    Hi, A friend of mine contacted me with a need of his that he is struggling with currently. I will paste his email ( personal details omitted for privacy) : We need to copy 4 TB data from from 4 TB external Hard disk to make identical copy on 4 TB external hard disk. Currently we are doing...
  7. Ironman

    The MagPi magazine in India . Where can i buy it from .

    I want to buy The MagPi magazine in India (Physical Printed Copy). Where can i buy it from ?
  8. kartikoli

    Extracting details from Linkedin through a given search url

    I have been working with few people to copy paste details from Linkedin and post them on google spreadsheet This is how Its done Now someone told me that this can be done using a script so would like to know if this is possible and if yes can...
  9. D

    Frustrating windows 10

    I formatted my entire hdd and installed windows 10 on my laptop. But at random instance the taskbar, startmenu freezes and i have to hard restart. Normal restart would just led to infinite loop. Everything is updated. Sometimes a notification appears "Microsoft process is not...
  10. T

    Copy (not move) email messages to offline folders in MS Outook

    We have our office email that everyone visits on their PC through its web interface. I've configured outlook to only view these messages. I manually copy them one by one or group by group depending on the sender/type of message. But with the passage of time, its becoming cumbersome to manually...
  11. A

    Help with File Copier Utility

    Using TeraCopy for 2 years, but not satisfied with it sometimes.. can anyone suggest me good/better/best alternative..? I found different softwares from wiki, google.. list below.. Please help me choosing better file copy utility TeraCopy MiniCopier FastCopy Ultracopier Copy...
  12. M

    Battlefield 3 Installation

    Alright so i bought battlefield 3 on origin.. I want to install it but its too big. i brought a pirated copy of battlefield 3 from my friend. Can i use that pirated copy to play the game and multiplayer because i don't want to download the game as it's too big. So will it work if i just paste...
  13. Genius-jatt

    How to copy OS from one HDD to another HDD with all files

    How to copy OS from one HDD to another HDD with all files Dear all members please help me by suggesting the best software which can copy or make image of C drive means the Operating system with installed software with all settings to another HDD. As all know the big worry is loosing some...
  14. rohitshakti2

    Cannot copy a file on pen drive

    Hi I had downloaded a game via torrent and have kept it on my pc. When I tried to copy it to the pen drive it shows that the software is big as compared to the pen drive. The software is a packed game in DVD format of 4 gb and space available on pen drive is 7 gb Free. Pls tell why is this...
  15. meetdilip

    Best software to copy a scratched CD

    Got one with lot of scratches and good songs, any help ?
  16. A

    windows 8.1 update 1 problems

    hi guys i was udating today my copy of windows 8.1 to update 1 which was released yesterday but the problem that came up was it gave an error on 99% saying that failed in configuring updates after one or two tries it again gave the same error but when my system booted i saw that it has been...
  17. L

    need help with new laptop hdd

    hey guys i am going to buy a new 1tb hdd and replace it with my old 500gb one on my sony vaio vpceb16fg laptop i need some help about copying my c drive to my new hdd i have my old drive partiotioned in 5 parts and i need to copy only the c drive to my new hdd and yes i also need to make a 150gb...
  18. sujoyp

    Need Suggestions- how to copy data from 500 DVD's

    Hi Guys, As all of u guys I was a very enthusiastic downloader till 2-3 years back and used to download each and every movie came up...those days I used to write them in DVD's to keep them safe. Now days I move away for projects and want to keep the movies/documentaries with me . I dont...
  19. K

    How to format Pen Drive?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate. When I was working with my pen drive,it automatically said that your pen drive needed formatting. When I tried to do so, it again said that it was copy writed. I do not know how to solve the problem.
  20. evil_maverick

    Slow data copy speed over home wifi network..

    hello every 1, needed some quick adv, am using a ASUS RT N1 3U B1 (with ddwrt firmware)..everything is working fine..but.when ever I try to copy and paste files from my fone to the comp..I get reallly low arnd 600 to 700 this normal? using win 7 ultimate..64bit.. thanks..
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