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  1. Chetan1991

    Do you know about any sites offering sorcecodes, controls etc?

    Hi guys! Can any one suggest me some sits offering free activeX controls and source codes for VB. Please tell me about some sites which provide ebooks on API.
  2. Kiran.dks

    Hi-Fi Music: Bass & Treble Controls

    One of the top company namely "BOSE" believes pure music reproduction is reproducing music how it is recorded. They don't believe in putting those controls. For them it is like changing the way music is supposed to sound. Hence most of there systems don't have Bass & Treble controls. Some...
  3. bikdel

    resident evil - biohazard 4

    hey.. any of u guys played this one? i laid my hands on one yesterday (gf gifted it! lol) and tried it out... man this is really tough to play.. i mean the controls..- no mouse control whatso-ever... no option to configure grafix..(though it ran appealingly on geforce 5200fx) and u...
  4. K

    What and how?

    Windows XP Home Edition(SP2),Internet Explorer-7 & Opera -9.22. What is the purpose of ActiveX Controls and from where can I get it free? Link?
  5. adithyagenius

    Left handed gamers

    Any left handed gamers here? I want to know what mouse you use for gaming and how you rate it. Also what tweaking you do for controls in games when it is biased to right handers?
  6. Sandeepnair85

    First look at Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote

    Hi guys Check out this cool remote control from logitech. For image click here The Harmony 1000 displays the most important, relevant controls to which device you are operating, according to Logitech. In an example they cited, “when watching TV using a digital video recorder (DVR), people...
  7. executioner

    Spiderman movie controls

    Is there any i can make the controls of the game better.it's very hard to control and get's even harder indoors.
  8. M

    microphone still not working: what's up

    a few months ago i posted abt my intex mic and headset for problems...............i tried all the solutions as per they were told to me but in vain.............. i bought an intex mic + Headphone i connect them to a pink and green jack resoectively i have ASUS P5GL-MX mobo on whicha PIV...
  9. K

    How much money did you all spend in purchasing games and gaming peripherals?

    Well i have spend just above 40,000. Rs. 30000 for a PS2 and the rest 10000 on games and remote controls for the PS2.
  10. M

    CAN I use my phone as TV remote control?

    Hi, guys i have heard that gprs enabled mobiles can be used as remote controls for tv?I have SE k700i can i use it as a remote? Plz reply, Thanx, Mnadar
  11. deepak.krishnan

    transparent command buttons in VB

    In VB,is there any way to make the command buttons in the form transparent.Also I would like to know if I can provide any styles to the controls placed in the form.If so how can I do it? Also where can I get those styles?
  12. C

    Fahrenheit Demo help

    Hello guys. I installed demo frm digit dvd. Game started liked music very much. Got excited started the gams and in first level i can't understand what to do? I mean i know that to Lucas has to clean the blood all that stuff but how?????? I don't know its controls. I saw in control options...
  13. V

    TimeShift discussion: Demo out

    Hey guyz, I am now playing the demo of TimeShift. The gameplay and the graphics are good, but the controls are sometimes itchy. :roll:, like when I stop or slow the time, the mouse controls are not parallel to the keyboard. Anyways, will post some screenies soon of the demo. How about you...
  14. G

    how to create playback controls on vcd's&dvd's

    how to create playback controls on vcd's&dvd's.any software is available with easy options
  15. bizzare_blue

    Remote control and bluetooth

    Is it possible to use bluetooth technology in remote controls instead of the InfraRed technology? If yes, then how it might b possible to do the same?
  16. M

    How to hit a Six???

    can anyone suggest me how to hit a six in EA cricket 2005.The controls are confusing.Plz tell in details.
  17. U


    FIFA fans plz log on to www.in.worldcybergames.com to register for WCG prelims. And 1 question : what exactly is OFF THE BALL control, is it the SHIFT button or Q button (default controls) ? It is not allowed in WCG preliminaries. See u there.
  18. rajat22

    Norton Internet Security 2006 Beta Version now available

    Norton Internet Security 2006 Beta Enjoy your connection to the world. Norton Internet Securityâ„¢ 2006 gives you the confidence to travel the Internet like never before. A comprehensive set of award-winning tools, Norton Internet Security automatically blocks hackers, viruses, and...
  19. ~Phenom~

    EA Cricket 2005 Help!

    hi gamerz, I just wanna know the controls of EA Cricket 2005 as u might be knowing that the info about controls in the game is flashed for 0.0986538762 seconds :D , it is hard to note them. also , i couldnt find them in the manual. so , it will be a real help to me if anyone of you could...
  20. kunwar

    i see 1 error on www.my.yahoo.com through internet explorer

    i get thiserror: your current security settings prohibit activex controls on this page.as a result , this page may not display correctly.
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