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  1. infra_red_dude

    Of audio driver and advanced mixer controls

    I haf an nforce based mobo on my other desktop and also a sound blaster live! soundcard. i've seen that no matter what card it is from Creative...they alwayz enable the advanced controls like bass and treble in the windows mixer. however i hafnt seen this in the nvidia soundstorm mcp-d driver...
  2. K

    Logitech ATTACK3 - Joystick controls for playing FIFA 2005?

    need to know hte Joystick controls for playing FIFA 2005. the joystick is Logitech ATTACK3 joystick. anyone, could pls let me know, how to play FIFA 2005. [ I tried playing it. after starting the game> i somehow managed to start the game with a button(which is the top center of the...
  3. N

    ERROR Message in Symantec Security Check & Google/Search

    Until a few days back I could avail of Symantec Security Check & Google/Search without any error messages. Since the last two days whenever I access Symantec>security Check>Virus Detection>Start I get a message "UNABLE TO RUN VIRUS DETECTION'. Under IE>Tools>Internet Option>Security...
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