1. mikael_schiffer

    IEMs around 1-2k ..with Playback Controls needed

    I used a Mi Piston earbuds which could control the stock Android music player(forward backward) apart from volume controls.(On my LG G2) I dont remember the exact make and cost of that IEM . I bought it long time back. Can anyone point me to that earphone, or give me an alternative IEM which...
  2. S

    Parental control in mobile

    How to control access to some sites or search words that should be block or don't access like games or some other on internet. How to set these controls on any android mobile, Is these vary from mobile to mobile or os/browser.
  3. shankar_psn

    P&S Camera

    Hi Guys, I am planning to but a P&S camera around 15K. I planning to spend my free time with photography ... So suggest me a good P&S camera with some manual controls. I thought of getting DSLR, but I am not sure about it ...
  4. S

    Need an IEM with inline Mic and controls for around 2.5K

    Need an IEM with inline Mic and controls for Smartphone and IPad mini around 2.5K Smartphone - Calls Ipad mini - Listening Music, VoIP Chats Shorlisted Cowon EM1,but i currently own Vsonic GR02 Bass edition, so cannot go back on SQ Kindly suggest some as these are hard to find.
  5. A

    Why Television failed to become smart?

    Its a question thats often puzzles me, we see all gadgets around us becoming smarter, be it the phone, digital camera, music players, tablets etc- the features, the controls, the freedom, the capabilities are increasing manifold . When i realized the way we can control entertainment while doing...
  6. mrinmoy

    Configuring keyboard controls for FIFA 12

    Hi as I can easily configure keyboard control using fifaconfig.exe in FIFA 11, I am unable to do so in FIFA 12. So please tell me where to do so?
  7. U

    Advice for buying compact camera with many manual controls

    I have used point and shoot cameras for a while now... I don't have budget for buying a I want to buy a compact camera with many manual controls like manual focus,shutter speed etc... My budget is upto 15k... I looked upon this canon powershot sx150 IS...which it says has...
  8. dr_jimit

    Help me choose Semi SLR/ Bridge camera

    Hello Friends, I m planning to buy a Semi SLR/ bridge / high end extended zoom camera, Choices were 1, Fuji s2950 = EVF, AA battery, HDMI, Manual controls etc.. 8-9 k but clarity is not good in reviews,,,,, JUST AVERAGE 2, Nikon L120 = Better Clarity, Good video ,Nikon Name, but...
  9. H

    Best camera for manual controls and great picture quality well under Rs.10000

    I want a new camera for use at home..when going out somewhere and such similar needs...also i want to experiment with manual if there are 3 objects at 3 depths then being able to focus on any one...picture quality should be really good..depth of picture will also be...
  10. P

    Here are some features to consider if you are in the market for a underwater MP3 play

    1. Consider the type of sound system you want for your MP3 player. Older styles of underwater MP3 players have ear plugs that sealed the ears of a swimmer. 2. Decide on how you would like to wear the underwater MP3 player. 3. Compare the capacity and music formats the MP3 player you are...
  11. furious_gamer

    Cricket Revolution - Review

    It has been a while since I played a cricket game and decided to buy a new game, and finally I end up with this. The store had three games BLC2007, Ashes 2009 and Cricket Revolution. After I bought the game, I find an interesting news related to that game. The Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2011...
  12. H

    Buying a camera this diwali

    hi, i wanna buy a camera this festive season. Any brand can do but it should be of good quality and sturdy. Budget - Rs.15000 max i want a camera which gives some feel of dslr manual controls but at this price, so super zoom is the category I am looking at. Features like geotagging or...
  13. vik.1912

    Game Controller Problem

    Guys ... I have a game controller that works Fine... In every other game, except NFS Undercover.. It does't vibrate in this game only, but controls every other thing in the Game jst Fine... Possible Solution plz..:?:.
  14. phanisrinivas

    master volume control????

    In my PC , I cant enable the advanced controls for master volume - how to disable limited volume in my pc ( i used xp ) - Any fix is there for advanced controls - I have Jetway 945 MB ( Realtek sound card). - So thanx in advance.. ---------- Post added at 07:31 PM ----------...
  15. JAK

    Anyone knows whats causing this

    i cannot play the game(Rise of Nations)...... the trees and other objects block the view of game controls at the bottom... Although I can click on controls it still is troblesome Anyone ever faced a similar problem I have tried the following 1)installed latest nvidia drivers 2)latest directx 9...
  16. R

    Few Q's on XBOX 360 Controller for PC

    since im into gaming these days thought of getting one... has anyone tried it? -does it work with EVERY game? -is it possible to configure the controls in the game? -any issues with connection? -and finally,where do i get it?esp in Cochin or any Indian Websites? thank you Update-how good is...
  17. shantanu

    HOW TO | Refrain Access From a Drive or Folder in Vista

    hi ! this is for those who might not be aware of this already ( in simple words newbees ) :p today a noob asked me on yahoo that how to simply stop someone from accessing a particular drive or folder ! without setting up parental controls on their User Account ! Well the first thing i said...
  18. Plasma_Snake

    Assassin's Creed Official Thread

    This is the Assassin's Creed official thread. Any discussions about the game or its problems will be and should be done here. Please do not make seperate threads for your problems related to this game. Well I finished the game 3 days ago on my PC. I played it using a XBOX 360 controller so the...
  19. C

    PES 2008 PC controls

    i am playin PES 2008 on my PC. since the game uses x360 controls i dont know how to do wat. plz post the controls if u know them.
  20. Sathish

    Help for Brain Lara Cricket 2007

    Hi friends, recently i installed BLC 2007, and i confused about keyboard control. i dont know the keyboard controls of batting and bowling. the games also dont have any detailed settings on keyboard control. anyone plzz tell about all keyboard controls of batting and bowling...
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