1. K

    Controlling your child activities is made easy in *REMOVED* app

    After I noticed my girl watching the content, not appropriate according to her age, I was stressed over web well-being of my daughter to prevent her to the content not suitable for the children through mobile phones and tablets. So I decided to try the *REMOVED*. I was amazed because of its...
  2. R

    I want a 2.1ch speaker system under 3000rs

    Suggest me 2.1 speaker under 3k. Bass control knob wanted.
  3. D

    Need advice buying Gamepad !

    Hi All, I planned to buy a Gamepad for Windows PC, Please suggest me some. I can go upto 3k but I prefer wired controllers. Or is there any gamepad which comes with both wired & wireless control ? Can Sony PS controller be used for PC games ? I most often play Fifa & NFS. Thank you
  4. B

    Nvidia GeForce Experience Update Error

    Hi Friends, I updated the Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia Control Panel icon which used to be in the right hand corner of the screen near time and wifi icons etc. The Nvidia GeForce Experience update (what is this btw) started downloading and installing and then I got an error that C++ has...
  5. Nanducob

    Control music play on one android from another ?

    Yo guys, My speakers are far away and its difficult to move and change each tracks.So i would like to control music play on my android device (Moto e) from my android phone (Moto G4 <3).Tried a lot of apps but nothing worked :noob: .I will be streaming amazon music most of the times, (no...
  6. S

    Parental control in mobile

    How to control access to some sites or search words that should be block or don't access like games or some other on internet. How to set these controls on any android mobile, Is these vary from mobile to mobile or os/browser.
  7. A

    Really good 2.1 speakers with wireless connectivity

    Hi Guys, A friend asked me for a suggestion about some good 2.1 speakers with wireless connectivity. His budget is 15k approx. I did some research online but couldn't find an appropriate match. Creative T4 was one but that doesn't seem to be available in India. Could have suggested him Sony...
  8. Cyberghost

    Crusader Kings II

    The Dark Ages might be drawing to a close, but Europe is still in turmoil. Petty lords vie against beleaguered kings who struggle to assert control over their fragmented realms. The Pope calls for a Crusade to protect the Christians in the Holy Land even as he refuses to relinquish control over...
  9. V

    Only a matter of time before there is a deadly cyber attack?

    This recent blog post shows just how cheap and easy it is remotely detonate something (for just $50US in parts) and even to hack into control systems using free cloud servers and a search engine that can find connected devices? Is this all paranoia or something to be concerned about? The...
  10. ramakanta

    Radmin-Remote control - Alternative

    Is there any open source (freeware)or paid Remote control software Like Radmin. Need remote access to network computers and servers over a LAN Like Radmin. thank you
  11. A

    Want to buy Speaker Audio Control Knob or Audio Control set. Help. :)

    I am using creative 2.1 sbs 370 speaker... Creative SBS 370 2.1 Speakers I got problem with volume control knob. As you seen in image. It's actually potentiometer. 5 pin potentiometer. See this link...
  12. A

    Do you believe BlackBerry Classic has more Power & Control than ever before?

    Hello Guys, Recently Blackberry has launched BlackBerry Classic mobile. And most of the customers believe that in this mobile has more power and control than ever before. Whats your opinion.
  13. hansraj

    Unable to access PC or router remotey and /monitor CCTV through Internet

    Hello guys, Things were all fine till my internet service provider changed his servers. Thats what he says. Earlier I was able to do these three things without any problem: a. Used to take control of my desktop PC through VNC from my laptop(via internet). b. Used to monitor the...
  14. tkin

    Budget Speakers for Desktop around 4k

    Hi guys, I want to buy a pair of budget speakers around 3-4k max, it will be used sparingly, as I am more inclined towards headphones, these will be used mostly for movies and a bit of gaming, and some music during partying occasionally. Requirements: 1. 2.1 Channel only. 2. Plenty of Bass...
  15. ilugd

    [For Sale] Parrot ARDrone Quadcopter for sale in Delhi

    1. Model Number and Details: Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Quadcopter AR.Drone 2.0. Parrot new wi-fi quadricopter - - HD Camera - Civil drone - Parrot 2. Date of Purchase: October 2013 3. Reason for Sale. I originally purchased this to program this drone for a hackday at Slideshare...
  16. D

    GPU problem

    Rig Asus Sabertooth p67 Intel i5 2500k Sapphire radeon HD6850 2x4gb gskill RAM 2x1tb Seagate barracuda HDDs Till about 2 days back, i used 2 displays on a regular basis. Samsung syncmaster sa300/sa350 (dvi) and Samsung LED TV 32(HDMI) Yesterday, both my displays stopped working...
  17. P

    catalyst control center cannot be started

    i bought new PC and my config is g2020 - 3.3k gigabyte h61m s1 -3.1k kingston hyperx blu 4gb - 2.8k r7 240 1gb ddr5-5.1k after installing "r7 240 1gb ddr5 (sapphire)" CD . when i click for graphics (Catalyst control center) getting error message as:- "catalyst control center cannot...
  18. sameerdatta

    [Want to Buy] Creative Inspire M4500 4.1 Volume Control

    I need a Creative Inspire M4500 4.1 Volume control.
  19. nick191

    Headphone for Galaxy S4 (with MIC) !

    Hello everyone, I want to buy new In-Ear Headphone for my S4 which has MIC and good sound quality bass and treble balanced well, with three button control. The budget is 3.5K rupees. Thank you in advance.
  20. R

    Queries regarding Tp-link router

    Hey guys, I plan to buy a router that should be able to control the following things (at least): content filtering bandwidth control mac-wise allow of internet firewall Basically I want to block a lot of sites and also keep control over who browses what. I came across TP-LINK...
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