Want to buy Speaker Audio Control Knob or Audio Control set. Help. :)



I am using creative 2.1 sbs 370 speaker...

Creative SBS 370 2.1 Speakers

I got problem with volume control knob. As you seen in image.
It's actually potentiometer. 5 pin potentiometer.

See this link.

I searched to buy that whole speaker control online..
but did not find anything.

Then searched for that potentiometer then found this potentiometer...
Bestron USA, Inc.: F10MM Thin Micro Potentiometer 5 Pin

but it's abroad... So please help... Anything similar found in India, specially in Mumbai.
It can be found in lamington road, Mumbai. But I'm lazy to search there. :)

And how much resistance needed for my 2.1 creative sbs 370 speaker?
I think, I need 1K only. Any suggestion from Digitians ?


search for that part in local shops, but probably u wont find it. as a solution u can replace it with 2x normal pot, connecting the board with wires, and housing the whole thing in a bigger box where u can screw up the pots.

see this : How Do I Replace a 5 Pin Volume Control (Potent... | element14
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