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  1. M

    Thoughts on HP PAVILION 15 N209TX

    Is this Laptop good for multitasking and casual gaming? Any cons?
  2. Nerevarine

    Gamepad buying GUIDE

    Ive been doing a lot of searching around lately and ive found out these XINPUT PC gamepads This is a list of the pros and cons for the best gamepads available for PC.. I am going to exclude most EL CHEAPO gamepads. This list serves as a reference for people to choose the best gamepad according...
  3. N


    I have Sony Xperia j.can I install linux os on my phone.please give details! what are pros and cons of installing Linux on pc(old) if I have Windows os on it
  4. P

    Monitor Request.

    Dear All, Recently with the help of TDF members i finally :mrgreen: purchased the system. But in that rig, i forgot to add monitor request. My current budget is Strictly 18k-20k Max. Need Either 27" or 29" Screen. Please do tell me their Pros and cons as well as the after sales service. Its...
  5. technova

    nexus 4

    Dear All, Going to buy White Nexus 4 as black piece is not available. Please share your thoughs ie pros and cons or any specific issue with the N4.
  6. P

    Help me choose a laptop in 35K.

    For Mods: I had posted my query in the "all laptop related queries" thread. No response in the last 6 days, so creating a new thread. Here are my details 1) What is your budget? Rs 30000 - 40000. ( do not want to exceed) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you...
  7. A

    Comparison between 3 mobiles among which I need to buy a one

    I have shortlisted 3 phones. They are Samsung metro duos C3352, Nokia Asha 205 & Nokia Asha 206. Please help me guys with your suggestions. Please mention the pros & cons & suggest which one will be better?
  8. S

    need help

    can someone please told me about Samsung NP550P5C-S05IN Laptop (3rd Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) this lappy I m planning to buy this within a week budget is 60k tell me cons of this lappy or suggest any other under my budget I m completely new to think digit I want your...
  9. P

    Planning to buy Asus X54C-SX454D - i3-2GB-500GB-15.6-inch in offer at 21.5k. plz suggest pros & cons

    Hi.. I am planning to buy this asus laptop in indiatimes shopping site at 21.5k Asus X54C-SX454D Laptop - i3-2GB-500GB-15.6-inch. Rs. 21504.0 at Shopping.indiatimes - DesiDime, India's Shopping Community for Best Deals please suggest me the pros & cons of this laptop if you have used it...
  10. P

    i5 3450 or i5 3470

    3450 comes at rs 11501 & 3470 comes at rs 11745 according to flipcart; so which is better? is there any cons to 3470??
  11. axelzdly1

    Reasons, why Xperia Sola is not preferred?

    I thought of buying myself a Xperia Sola for sellers warranty in eBay, and i think i can take the risk for such low price. But i see everywhere, xperia sola hasn't been included in any of the lists, not even reviews. Is it that bad? Pros according to me: Design,(rubberized finish),Timescape...
  12. arsenalfan001

    Using TV as monitor - Cons

    Guys, I am planning to upgrade my 6 years old desktop running on a Intel P4 3.0Ghz (no HT) :P Now, while choosing components, I have a doubt regarding monitor. I have a 22" samsung LCD TV. It is not too big and it has DVI and HDMI ports so I can use it as a monitor and invest the savings...
  13. G

    What are the pros and cons of the Galaxy s2 official ICS upgrade?

    I'm thinking of upgrading to ICS before leaving for college. The people who are using ICS on their GT i9100's, please do let me know the pros and cons of upgrading to ICS. And whether overall it is better to upgrade or not. Thanks. :)
  14. E

    Tablet purchase decision : Milagrow MGPT04-16GB vs. Sony (SGPT111IN/S) Tablet S Wi-Fi, 16 GB?

    Hi All, I am currently in a limbo as I need to decide on purchasing a new tablet. I have shortlisted these two tablets, Milagrow MGPT04-16GB & Sony (SGPT111IN/S) Tablet S Wi-Fi, 16 GB. My basic need is to read ebooks on the tablet and the following has been my finding of the pros and cons of...
  15. A

    Defy XT or Desire S

    Hi I need a new android phone. My budget is around 15k, max 20 but i want to spend as minimum as possible. So I looked through the threads and my heart is set on 2 phones Defy XT and Desire S. Please tell me which one should i go for along with their pros and cons. If there is any other...
  16. girishpaiv

    Good Laptops near 60k

    Guys pls suggest some VFM models and specify the one u wil pick from those ... Its for photoshop and gaming... Requirements : *Core i7 Quad core(preferably 3rd gen) *Ram max expandable to 16gb (atleast 8gb) *15.6" screen or more (Preferably Full HD) *GPU : Better than...
  17. H

    Samsung wave 3

    Hi, Guys my friend is thinking about buying the wave 3 could you tell what are the pros and cons of that phone also are there any other better options available in that pricepoint
  18. C

    Need Help in Buying an Android Phone

    Hey Everybody So..I'm Gonna Get my First Smartphone For my birthday on April 20..I've Done Quite a bit Research on which one should i go for..After All the Filtering up and Considering the budget and all... I've come to these two beauties... i'm stuck between these two coz both have their own...
  19. dfcols71

    asus monitors

    asus monitors pros and cons no views yet on them why?
  20. N

    Best Portable rechargeable speakers...???

    I am using a HP Pavillion dv4 1506tx and a smartphone, for which i want a pair of speakers. The speakers must have rechargeable battery. My budget is rs. 1300. Tell the pros & cons of these. I saw Enzatec sp308 & sp 302. Please tell which one is better. Please help..!!
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