How to connect two computers using single port in Modem?


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Hi friend!
I'm currently using iBall baton which is ADSL2+Router. It has ONLY one lan port but i have a pc and a laptop. Now i want to share my internet using this modem. but i don't know anyother way than using a router. is there anyway to connect using that modem without adding extra devices?

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But USB port needs driver..
I have trouble installing driver on my windows 7.
Also ubuntu 12.04 doesnt recognizes it. :(
any help?

thanks in advance.


ADSL2+Router you say, so shouldn't you be able to connect the PC via LAN port & laptop via Wi-Fi?


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well it will be a mess to create a network using your existing setup.. either buy a cheap 8 port switch or a good wifi router.. cause you would need the other computer to be running to access internet..

a 8 port switch starts from Rs.400.
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