1. A

    Why cant Intel implement ARM's BIG.little concept in their laptop processors ?

    Currently Intel/AMD have two sets of processing chips for laptops namely The standard lineup which focuses on performance but skimps on battery life and the ULV line which champions battery life but compromises on performance. I was wondering why Intel doesn't have animplementation similar to...
  2. S

    Any ideas about Dadagiri season 5?

    Any news about Dadagiri season 5? Heyy Guys, You might have heard about Dadagiri,has anyone any idea when it's 5th season gonna start and what the concept would be also,"MOST IMPORTANTLY" who would be the gOdDesS this year:mrgreen: Kash meri sOnALI vapas aajaye:-D
  3. J

    want to overclock hd 6970 and intel i5 2500k

    hi ! recently bought my new rig i5 2500 k sapphire 6970 corsair gs 600 cm 430 ASUS PZ68 PRO i want to overclock chip and gpu plz help me im new to overclock concept
  4. vickybat

    Meet the Futuristic Hyundai Concept Motorcycle

    Designed by Min Seong Kim, this motorcycle concept features an interesting futuristic design that is sure to turn some heads and drop some jaws. Inspired by the human body's muscular structure, this Hyundai concept bike is supposed to relax and contract just as our muscles do. For example, when...
  5. pritish_kul2

    Need Help Coding!

    Hey, i needed help writing a program. the program's concept is that it inputs a string and then replaces the following in the string and gives the output: q with a w with s e with d r with f t with g y with h u with j i with k o with l p with p a with z and so on.
  6. bubusam13

    [SOLVED] Anyboby with Networking concept HELP

    Anybody CCNA or Having good networking concept, pleases explain me this. The green are the answers. But how, am not able to solve it. I got the solution..... * You can mark the topic closed..... thanks
  7. G

    Urgent: In Ear Headphone suggestion needed.....

    I had Creative EP-630 earphones for 4yrs and now it's broken. Even though it was good, im not going for creative again. Im confused between Sony MDR-EX57SL/B ans Philips SHE 9700 (not impressed with its cable extension concept). I need deep bass.Pls suggest one........ Is there any other...
  8. azzu

    Concept Camera Tells You How Much You Suck At Taking Pictures

    Concept Camera Tells You How Much You Suck At Taking Pictures Just because you have a snazzy DSLR doesn't mean you're the next Ansel Adams. This concept camera will give you an "aesthetic rating" after you snap a shot that will kill (or I guess, also make) your amateur photographer ego...
  9. paper_heart_21

    Nokia X9 Concept Pics

    Nokia X9 Concept Nokia guyz have come up with this concept after doing some homework . According to this concept the X9 is an X6 on steroids.:-P:-P Features include • Large CapacitiveCapacitive display • 12 MP camera with Quad LED • Video recording at 720p HD • Mini HDMI output • Dual micro...
  10. Krazy Bluez

    My new Windows 7 Concept Logon Screen for XP

    Link: * How's it guys ?
  11. VarDOS

    PSP2 Concept, Awesome

    PSP2 Concept Hi Friends, Look At The Pics
  12. gxsaurav

    My GSX Concept PC design is now a reality

    remember, long back I designed a mock Concept PC hardware in 3d Studio Max 9 & Photoshop CS3 named the GSX Concept PC. This is what I made at that time .....Today I was browsing Engadget & saw this. LLUON's A1 Exactly my design, just thin. Even the ports are now on the side & they are...
  13. M

    Idea / Concept for New Website..

    Hi All, I am planning to start off with my own website but unable to figure out what should be the concept !!! can you guys suggest ideas about new website concept and design and other things.. As i am new to all these, would seek an idea which does not cost anything.. or merely few bucks...
  14. kirangp

    Mozilla shows off Firefox Mobile interface concept - Video

    Mozilla shows off Firefox Mobile interface concept - Video Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo. Want to know what the upcoming Firefox Mobile web browser will look like? So do we. And the video above may or may not give us an idea. Aza Raskin, the head of...
  15. soumya

    Curved iMac concept bends beyond the realm of plausibility

    You don't have to venture very far to dig up unofficial concepts for Apple products of all sorts, but this one from designer Nuno Teixeira is certainly more attention grabbing than most, even if it isn't any more realistic. Dubbed the "iMac iView," the main distinguishing feature here is...
  16. A

    nokia aeon.. iphone killer?

    hey came across somethig shocking.. nokia's new aeon concept.. Nokia's research and development team have kicked it up a gear with an attractive "aeon" concept phone showing up in the R&D section of the company's website. The most prominent design feature of aeon is a touchscreen that...
  17. gxsaurav

    GX Vista Aero Concept

    Most of us are using Vista these days, & the default theme can be coloured according to taste. However I like a dark skin & don't like the default colours scheme of the Vista Aero theme & that explorer texture of Glass... I made my own concept for Vista aero theme which can be easily...
  18. expertno.1

    Nokia Aeon - The Next Future Phone

    Nokia has a new concept phone to feast our eyes on; the Aeon phone. The phone has a Touchscreen instead of a keypad; seems very delicate though. This phone has a new fresh look and a very different approach from Nokia. The phone is slim and that alone will make it very easy to carry around. As...
  19. iMav

    Vaio Zoom Concept - 1 Word: SsEeXxYy

    This Vaio Zoom laptop concept is one of the coolest we've seen. Featuring a holographic glass screen that goes transparent and a keyboard that turns opaque when turned off, it's slick and beautiful. And sure, a touch keyboard like this would be extremely annoying without haptic feedback and...
  20. Gigacore

    Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Concept

    Monday, August 27th, 2007 at 1:06 pm Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Concept Sony Ericsson patented a PSP phone concept a while back, proving that Sony had some interest in developing a PSP phone model. At the time, it was more than likely not a priority, but that’s starting to change...
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