1. A

    The Logitech webcam software completely hangs/freezes my system.

    I bought the C270 webcam from flipkart. I installed the Logitech webcam software . But it completely hangs/freezes my system (windows 7 x64). Please help.
  2. D

    Want to learn python

    Ther are several tutorials on net but as i am from mechanical branch it is completely new for me especially the terms.
  3. F

    App to deliberately crash android

    I have samsung galaxy s (GT I9000) and I want to know how to completely mess up and destroy the os on my mobile
  4. G

    How to Completely Brick the Android Tablet?

    Hello, to all of you. I have an Android tablet, I want to know, Is there some method(preferably software one) by which I can completely brick it? means no body can boot it in either way, it is urgent, actually I have some data stored on it that I can not delete it, and some one is taking my...
  5. R

    Difference between android OS used by Sony, Samsung, HTC and the one in Nokia X?

    Nokia X phone is built on AOSP, but how is it different from Android OS on other smartphones??? UI is completely different in nokia x but that does not sums up the difference...
  6. A

    how to know which headset is better?

    I need a headphone(on the ear) under 2k...and also is there a headphone which have surround sound and what will be its price...microphone is optional... and i dont understand the things that are written on it like impedance,senstivity,etc...(i am completely new in audio) so plz can anyone...
  7. sling-shot

    Which is the most resilient web browser?

    I have a problem with the existing web browsers that I use such as Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (I do not use Chrome) While browsing on a flaky internet connection or trying to browse while also running a torrent client, they generally fail to load all the individual items in a web page...
  8. ithehappy

    I've been attacked by sweet-page! How to uninstall completely?

    So I don't know with what app it came with but it overtaken all my browsers home page to it's own and all. I went to properties of all the browsers and changed the target by deleting sweet-page related crap, but I still believe it's there somewhere on my HD lying silently. So may I ask how to...
  9. R

    New GPU display error Help ASAP

    Finally i got my 7950,just installed it,installed latest driver 13.12. Everything is fine but the display is small,i mean its 1080p but not covering my screen completely Help
  10. sahil1033

    Post laptop buying batttery life suggestions

    I got a Lenovo E49 from my college. I'm a newbie, so can you please tell me how to take care of battery life and longer backups. Should I let the battery drain out completely for the first time and then charge fully to increase the battery life and backup as we do incase of mobile?
  11. T

    Karbonn A21 dead

    I have a friend who has completely wiped his Karbonn A21's data out, trying to show off his rooting skills. He had successfully rooted his phone, but then he tried to change the icons of the OS using an app called Rom Toolkit Pro, but then his device displayed an error, and since then all apps...
  12. R

    updating froyo to ics

    i want to update my samsumg galaxy fit from froyo to ics.. how to do this? will there be any problem?? will the device function completely??
  13. raksrules

    Any way to start Sony Ericsson w800i without SIM card ?

    Is there Any way to start Sony Ericsson w800i without SIM card ? I know that the music function only works without sim or without booting the phone (completely) but I want to start it completely. I need to use the radio function of the phone. I tried some very old sim cards I found in my home...
  14. patkim

    try-outs - dead HDD

    I have a very old (> 10 yrs old) & dead 20 GB HDD that that I am about to throw away now. I however decided to open it and see if I can remove the disks / platters before throwing it away. As I inspect the opened HDD, when connected (using external HDD case) the disk rotates for a few seconds...
  15. perplexed

    Adhesive/Glue for Headphones.

    Hi, I had bought a sunnheiser earphone like an year back.. Maybe due to bad usage, or manufacturing defect, the place where the cord actually enters the set seems to have been damaged.. It has a two layer covering of which the upper layer has almost completely came off.. Could someone...
  16. Tobuscus

    Can somebody help me understand SSH tunneling?

    Hey I've heard that ssh tunneling drastically reduces pings. I've seen paid services like Smoothping,lowerping etc ,But none of them are free and/or support my game. I've heard that you can do it yourself but i'm completely lost.:-( Does anybody use this kind of thing? If so,could you...
  17. Hrishi

    [Urgent Help]Nokia N95 RM-320 Completely Dead.

    Its really disappointing for me to admit that I found my beloved Nokia N95 8GB dead yesterday. I am in no mood to buy any other phone :(. It was in pretty serious state as I had its flex cable somehow pinned to its socket in motherboard , which was actually sort of critically damaged.[From...
  18. I

    Is it possible to reinstall bios??

    Guys couple of years ago i was a complete noob plus idiot.. i had purchased dell inspiron 580 desktop for gaming..(i dint knew about this forum that time) i have already spend so much on it like i changed graphic card, smps..etc etc i stil regret my decision.. but the thing is i...
  19. curioustechy

    OS installation problem

    I have been using win7 and ubuntu 11.04 in my laptop - hp pavilion dv6 -1110ax. Win 7 crashed recently for some reasons not known and i decided to reformat the hdd completely and install fresh copies of win7 and ubuntu 12.04. so i booted from my ubuntu 11.04 dvd and formatted my hdd completely...
  20. quan chi

    automatic shutdown and restart please help.

    Guys i have dual boot system win xp pro and win 7 ultimate.Strangely from today morning whichever os i use either the system shuts down completely or restarts automatically after 10-15 mins. I have checked the temps too everything is fine.dont know what is causing the problem. :( Please help.
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