Difference between android OS used by Sony, Samsung, HTC and the one in Nokia X?


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Nokia X phone is built on AOSP, but how is it different from Android OS on other smartphones???
UI is completely different in nokia x but that does not sums up the difference...


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Google services is absent including Play Store and in-app purchase API.
The location services API is supposedly outdated / low functional in AOSP.


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So Nokia will have a app market of its own. But you can install apps from .apk file. They would most probably work if they are not dependent on any of the Google services.


YUP,i used the nokia x quite different ui,anyways i even downloaded the nokiaN launcher and side loaded it onto my tab,google play services are not present and other bunch of awfull nokia services....

The ui is great i support it but not the services better have google play store :-/
I must say i was pretty impressed by the build quality on the Nokia X. Its pretty heavy but it gave that NOKIA SMASH THE FLOORTILES feel to it. Wanna see its durability test, to see if we finally have a smartphone that can do justice to Nokia 3310's legendary reputation.

However, the UI, though pretty good designwise, was laggy.....really laggy
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