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  1. D

    New Browser created

    Hi every1, My name is Sunny Guha and i am 15.5 yrs old. I'm frm Jabalpur,India. I have just created a browser in C# and named it SunSeeker. Guys and gals it really is fast i'm not boasting. my browser uses tweaked IE engine and is of only 24 kb. Plz don't xpect Opera, FireFox or IE stuff...
  2. P

    Post What You Downloaded

    I believe we should have a thread where everyone should post the most recent software,movie,game,song,etc they downloaded. The difficulties they faced or problems if any. The site and software used for downloading.. Follow this format. 1. Stuff Downloaded: 2. Site or software used to download...
  3. R

    Tally tutorials

    Here are a few sites I across, which will be of immense help to those using Tally. http://apnitally.blogspot.com/ For TDL(customised tally programming) http://www.tdlplayground.blogspot.com post some comments
  4. 24online

    airtel new packages screen shot

    http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/3272/3961844358377fda81dxw2.jpg http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/3599/3961843605c2bfa954cok2.jpg so whats ur comments ??? From : http://broadbandforum.in
  5. H

    Skype or MSN

    Hi all.. Of late I have been facing VOICE quality problems on my MSN. Do you think SKYPE is a better option since it is a dedicated platform for talking PC to PC.. Would highly appreciate some expert comments. Thanks.
  6. C

    Transcend T.Sonic 610!

    I want to buy an MP3 Player, storage capacity 512 - 1GB and price around Rs.2000, and FM is a must. The only MP3 Player that has fit my specs is Transcend T.Sonic 610. Is there any other?? About the 610, I am getting the 1 GB variant for Rs.2400/- here in Chennai, is that a deal? Should I go...
  7. S

    why you don't need vista now!

    visit http://www.wired.com/news/culture/reviews/0,72295-0.html?tw=rss.index and post your comments
  8. S

    do you believe firefox 2.0 is worth the wait?

    comments please
  9. B

    what do think about Nokia 3250. is it good?

    i am plannin of buyin a Nokia 3250.any comments on this phone?
  10. M

    Accessing net thru Bluetooth,stil inc.calls r busy

    hi, I have a very strange experience & wanna share with u guys for more discussion & expert comments. I have SE W550i,Airtel GPRS. to access net.I generally uses bluetooth to access net.All u guys know that when using using bluetooth,u can answer incoming calls(in case of cable...
  11. go4saket

    !!! How To Set Up Your Own LAN !!!

    Hello Friends! Incase if you are having trouble in setting up your own LAN, the below mentioned link will take you to an ebook that I am sure can help you. Go to : http://www.4shared.com/file/5175069/18f4f025/lan_guide__how_to_setup_ur_own_lan_.html Do post in your comments. Chao...
  12. go4saket

    !!! 100 Do's & Dont's In Web Designing !!!

    Hi Guys! There are so many of you who are interested in making a good website and also want the same to have a high listings with search engines... I found a really good ebook which covers all these topics and is really very helpful. So thought of sharing it with you all. So if...
  13. santu_29

    theme for nokia symbian phones

    theme for symbian (176x208 ) based on the indian flag. check it out -> OR http://rapidshare.de/files/24057175/JaiHind.zip.html Preview-> please write comments as this is the first theme i created.
  14. S

    How can I start makin' my own linux distro?

    How can I start makin' my own linux distro? Any comments........
  15. K


    hi, find something very interesting & just wanna share with u friends, please write back ur comments, also let me know if u r aware of something similar. http://www.gahooyoogle.com/ cheers -keves
  16. naveen_reloaded

    MyPhoneExplorer 1.3.1 available

    MyPhoneExplorer 1.4.2 available this is worth full software to try.... ..to download try this website http://www.fjsoft.at/ give ur comments about wht u think.... about this works well on SE phones
  17. G


    hi i built this site : www.tachypic.com ~ Fastest Image Hosting Site ~ ~ HotLinking Allowed ~ ~ No Bandwidth Restriction ~ ~ No Time Limit ~ ~ No Ads ~ ~ Email Uploaded Pics ~ ~ No Registration required ~ Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. plz...
  18. godsownman

    Wma to Mp3 converter

    Please give me some names of softwares that can be used to convert from wma to mp3. I must have downloaded half a dozen by now but each one has got it own set of nasty comments and this prevents me from getting the task done. I have even tried searching the forum but to no avail. Thanks
  19. A

    Comments Plz

    Hey guys this site was developed by me.......Any comments.....Was the information good or bad......Please post your comments so that i can improve it ....... Thanks http://abthair.white.prohosting.com/ebay.html
  20. A

    Hibernation Issues!!!!

    Dear Friends, I have been hibernating my PC for quite a while now Recently i heard comments that doing so affects the overall performance of the PC. How True is that??????
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