1. heman12


    Hey, all. After knowing all gaming related config. i want to know can install both xp and vista on same pc, so that i can play games which r compatible with vista as well as xp on my pc, if yes, can any1 please let me know how to do this? And also want to know games which i can play on vista...
  2. heman12

    DX9 OR DX10

    Hi, alll, i m planning to buy gaming pc for that i want to know which motherboard supports Directx GFX supported card both 9.00 and 10.00, and if support which 1? And i also want to know can i make gaming pc under 21-26K. if yes please let me know config. Lookin for ur comments.
  3. sumitdut

    hi guys give comments on this system please

    hi guys give comments on this system Intel CORE 2 DUO 2.4GHz XFX 630i mobo 4 GB RAM 360GB hard disk XFX nvidia 8800GT FOXIN cabinet cooler master 600 watt PSU ASUS DVD writer 19" benq lcd tft monitor microtek 800va double battery UPS
  4. hellknight

    Congress says 8 Oscars part of UPA Govt's achievement

    I can't believe how much Indian Politics has fallen.. read yourself and please read the comments on this news.. they're hilarious Source
  5. srinivasdevulapally

    Is this possible...? Can anyone do this?

    I want do develop an executable (.exe) file which can search and replace a word in a file by opening the file in notepad...Is this possible..?? Please post ur comments....
  6. Dark Star

    Playing with Gimp 2.6

    Well I was playing with GIMP 2.6 and created some very minimal [Dell Red] type image.. Used few vectors and the text there [LFY] isn't a Font its GIMP 2.6 polygon selection tool Pour in your comments and suggestion.. Edit :It isn't yet complete will come up with a full blown HD wallpaper...
  7. INS-ANI


    :mad: Any one seen karzzzzzzzzzz Would like to hear and share some expert comments. mine comment: why,why me:(:(:(:(:(
  8. Q

    How about 7610 supernova.....?

    Hi Guys, i am looking to buy a 7610 supernova, read user's opinion..... still confused can anyone here give their comments about it....? and its indian price too Thanks....
  9. static_x

    Cheap Pen Drives

    Hi, Yesterday i went to the local grey market and was surprised to see the Kingston pen drives being sold for nothing at all..The rates were: 8 GB - Rs. 500 16 GB - Rs.800 32 GB - Rs. 1000 20 GB - Rs. 900 I suspect the proper working of the drives but they were available in original Kingston...
  10. M

    Please have some comments on my BLOG STATUS

  11. dheeraj_kumar

    Microsoft sponsorship in Google???

    Just checked ma mail and there it was... it was a sponsored link... any comments?
  12. ajayashish

    Q6600 or Q6700 or Q9300 or Q9450

    This is the biggest question in my mind... i am planning to get a new Rig very soon and would have taken that already if i had no news of Q9450 arrival. I saw that Q9450 has 12MB cache and Q6600 which was my option at that time is 8MB... now some people say Q9300 is much better than Q6600...
  13. koolbluez


    Check this Greasemonkey script out. Those who dunno Greasemonkey... it is a plugin for the Firefox web browser. It allows you to change how your favorite pages behave and look. There are many scripts that have already been written, and if you know javascript you can easily create your own! This...
  14. B

    "Every night in my dreams........'- Titanic

    I know that everybody have heared this song but i have heard this song today............... How would you comment this song? Post comments..........
  15. satyamy

    Which Script is Best for Blog ?

    Finally I have decide to create a Blog What you People think, Which one is best for Blog 1) b2evolution 2) Nucleus 3) WordPress Let me have your Comments on this
  16. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Review My Website !

    I have been working on this !! check out my site and let me know how it is * its about SE hacking .. the content in there takes hell of time !! let me know your suggestions and comments ! Thanks !!
  17. alsiladka

    How is IBM SATA II HD?

    Guys how are the IBM Sata II HD? I am getting a 160GB one. Any comments?
  18. abhi.eternal

    Bandwidth Wastage!!

    (XX/10): your rating to the previous post comments: your comments on the previous post BANDWIDTH WASTAGE!! (1 post only until it is rated/commented by someone else) ----- Q: What is the national language of Canada? A: Kannada! rate this (i know its poor but its just 'Bandwidth...
  19. iMav

    2 New Windows Wallpapers by iMav

    Well after my first public release wallpaper which fortunately got good responses from many people here I am again with 2 more this time too its Windows & inspired by .... well guess for urself :D also some requests of a darker wallpaper were made so here are 2 dark wallpapers please give ur...
  20. abhi.eternal

    Rate my creation!

    Hi. I tried all I could to post a thumbnail... or a mini-sized preview or whatever... but without success. Please visit the following link and rate me on the basis of 1 - 5 and give your comments as well: I LOVE MUSIC Update ▼ After the overwhelming response... seriously it was overwhelming...
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