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Keyboard mouse combo confusion help


In the zone
hi guy wanted a pair of keyboard and mouse i currently have a crappy INTEX keyboard and a logitech mouse i guess the Logitech neo mouse i play CS online and COD4 and even at full mouse sensitive i cant move fast can you guys suggest me a gaming combo. i would prefer the cheapest but quality one i would not recommend going over 800 buck or for max 1k if its really worth the deal and a real deal breaker then i might just consider it ;)

here is the image of the mouse m currently using
and the keyboard

i hear the Logitech G100 Gaming combo is for 1.3k or so is it true coz the mouse itself is costing 1.3k if the combo is really costing the same then is it worth it the Mouse has a 2500 DPI sensor which i think is great for that price can anyone confirm the price

another combo i ramed into was a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 which is again around 1.3k

or lastly i thought the Gigabyte GM-M6800 which is for ~600 bucks and the logitech K100 keyboard i previously owned one i was quite happy with it that keyboard is for approx 350 or so that brings the total to 1k exactly

which of the above are better ??? i live in mumbai and i would like to shop some good shops where the above things are available (specially gigabyte mouse if it worth going for it) another suggestion would be great :)

Thanx in advance guys :)

k guys its the first time this happened with me on this forum that i did not get a quick reply anyways i got the keyboard and the mouse i did not get the gigabyte mouse so got this mouse for 650 bucks and the logitech K100 keyboard for 250 buck i m overall happy just that i cant lower or higher the DPI settings there are no software drivers or anything given with the Mouse can someone help me with that pls i want to know how to set the DPI and what is my current DPI settings
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