1. shaunak

    Trading Old digit collection

    Sadly due the lack of availability of space, I am being forced to cart out my entire collection of Digit. Cd's, Fast-tracks et al. So instead of letting the raddiwala turn it into recycled newsprint, I hope to trade in my little collection. Anybody want any issue? The whole collection? I am...
  2. A

    Inspirational/Motovating movies

    I very much like these kind of movies .. Some of them i like 1.All Rocky Balboa's collection 2.Lakshya 3.Iqbal Any more suggestion please ... :)
  3. P

    How Do you store CD/DVDs ?

    Hi all, Please share how do you store your CD/DVD collection. I have purchased a file which can store 100 DVDs as below. Problem is plastic slots to store DVD are too tight & I am worried it might scratch surface of DVDs while taking out or putting in. see below. Please share...
  4. ax3

    Game Wallpapers ! ! !

    fro where do u download FREE Game Wallpapers ??? this site has great collection bt is a paid site ...
  5. M

    ideal laptop config for work with 3ds max 9 & adobe cs4 master collection

    Hi, I need to work with 3ds max 9 and the adobe CS4 master collection (especially premiere pro and after effects) exclusively.Please suggest a suitable laptop configuration for me Budget - (40-50 k) OK ,Finalised Please anybody reply
  6. T

    Anyone in Mumbai wanna exchange PS3 games?

    Hi, I have a few PS3 games which I wanna exchange with someone since I have completed them. Anyone having a good collection of games and is up for exchange can PM me. thanks
  7. A

    Just for entertainment

    I need some entertainment when I am away from home and office but not necessarily travelling. So I was planning to buy the Cowon D2 for 23000 and move my audio and video collection into it (as it supports basically every format :D) But today I read about the MSI Wind and got wound up in an...
  8. kanu2k7

    Sync my HD & Portable Drive??????

    Hi Guyz!!!! I need a lil help. I need to know, that i have a large collection of songs on my HD and I have bought a 160GB Portable Drive (Maxtor Basics) to backup all my songs but my problem is that i download many songs on daily basis and then send them to the folder related to it in my hard...
  9. dr_jimit

    Help ! How to increase LAN transfer speed of thousands of filesb/n my pc and laptop?

    Hello Friends, i have huge collection of photos of my camera/wallpaper, videos, and mp3 collection on PC without DVD writer and i want to format it. My laptop has new 80 GB HDD and is empty. i want to back it on laptop.but when I made network b/n them in XP file transfer is too slow, 1mp3...
  10. Kiran.dks

    List Musical Hit Albums/Movies - Hindi & Telugu

    I am a big music lover. During my college days, I collected all the hits Movies and Pop Albums. But recently (past 2 years), my collection dropped due to busy work schedule. I request you guys to list musical pop album and movies hits from the year 2007. In this way my collection will grow...
  11. gary4gar

    Top 10 Free Programs to make the most out of your MP3 Collection

    Read More.......
  12. Dark Star

    Share your Wallpapers Here!

    Hi all Some of you has got gr8 wallpaper collection so why don't share it.. Since most of has got decent internet connection sharing wallpapers won't be a problem .. So what you need to do to Zip/Archive your collection and upload it to decent hosting site .. For Example : - RapidShare...
  13. 100.dx

    Any Open Suse Expirinced Reply My Question Plz Some Problem

    Hey Freinds I Have Dual Boot Xp And Suse Xp Is In C Drive And In D Drive I Have My Song Collection Before Open Suse Install My D Drive Was 30gb And Now 22gb Open Suse Cut My D Drive 8 Gb Thankful My D Drvive Was 8 Gb Blank Before Nahin To I Have To Loose My Collection I Can Only Understand Open...
  14. enticer86

    Waste CDs- Any use?

    Being a regular CHIP> Digit subscriber plus a computer freak since 1995, i hav a collection of uncountable CDs that are now almost useless- the newer versions of softs are easily available online... n i dont scroll thru so many CDs now.. Some can't run... What shud i do with them? Any ideas...
  15. L

    A small help

    I guess this is not a major problem but its starting to irritate me. The thing is all my mp3 files only shows the song title and it no longer displays the artist and album name which happens normally. Is there anyway i might bring the display of the artist and album name back. The collection...
  16. freshseasons

    Song PS 2 Games

    Hello ! I am going for Sony PS 3 and would like to take off PS2 Games of which i happen to have huge collection off my rack. Pm me if interested. Thanks and have a great day!
  17. praka123

    Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements

    example entry: worth looking!
  18. redhat

    When did Digit give Gutenburg collection?

    I know that Digit has given a collection of books downloaded from project Gutenburg recently. But I dont remember when... I dont have the Digit Archive to search from... Can anyone please tell me when did Digit give this collection??? Thanks in Advance:grin:
  19. aku

    MP3 organiser (how to?)

    (URGENT) how do i organize and backup mp3s ??? i've got a quite a huge coll. of mp3s.. now i want to burn then into cds.. but the only prob i'm facing is how do i organize the collection... so.. i want sum kinda sw which can organize the mp3s in different folders according to their artists...
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