1. A

    TV Channels Guide--------Bis Collection Of All

    Guys I am looking for TV guide(indian Channels) So Do anyone of u know any. mAY BE in a .doc file or something.
  2. sandeepkochhar

    How to add new pics to my webshots collection

    Hi I have a webshots collection of 400 MB. Recently I got another 250 MB from my friend. Now the problem is that unlike previous format which was *.wbc or *.wb, the new format is *.wb1 doesn't allow to add new files directly. I tried to copy-paste but it resulted in a hotchpotch and while some...
  3. firewall

    [][][]Largest Colection of GNU/LINUX CDs[][][]

    LINUXjunkies Foundation Presents India’s largest collection of GNU/GPL’d software CDs. The Following CDs are ready for immediate Shipment: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fedora core 1 - set of 3 CDs - Rs. 150/- Fedora Core 2 -...
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