1. A

    24 online client auto logout

    guys help me ... 24 Online client says " To start surfing, Minimize this login window and open a new browser window. Please do not close this Window without logging out" and when i login with my phone it logout after some time so i cant download movies with torrent in phones what to do...
  2. Shah

    [Freelancing] Got cheated by the client

    Hello, digitians I am a student pursuing B.E. CSE and I work as a freelance programmer and web developer in my free time. My parent's don't know about me working as a freelancer and I just donate the money I earn to charity or I spend it on some of my other hobbies. This post is about how I...
  3. ico

    BitTorrent client

    uTorrent is not what it was anymore. They've added bloatware, advertisements and other crap to it. uTorrent 2.2.1 however is still usable and great but I want to make the switch. So, which client do you guys use?
  4. Desmond

    Java 9 Features Announced

    This one looks like a really massive update. Finally a standard built-in JSON API and HTTP client. No more do you have to rely on clunky third party APIs for these. Though it remains to be seen how these will perform. Source: 403 Forbidden More details: JEP 198: Light-Weight JSON API JEP...
  5. A

    Office Networking

    Hi, I have a family business in which we have a present setup with a server and individual computers for each user. Reading the article in this month issue, and in general was pondering over a few questions: A. thin client/ zero client based setup. B. Cloud computing. we have a...
  6. S

    Need An Antivirus for my server which can also update my 70 client PC through network

    I have 1 server and 70 client machines in my office ... Is there any antivirus which i can install on my server and also keep my client PC protected from virus ...??? ( 1 friend suggested me to buy Quick Heal Antivirus and also purchase 70 licenses for my client ...n i could update the virus...
  7. B

    Using TOR as a client puts you at risk.

    I don't really need anonymity, there's nothing I do that can get me caught. But I read something about TOR exit relays, that if my computer is one such exit relay, I could be implicated for someone else who's doing something illegal, and using my computer as a transit. I looked up the...
  8. N

    Lock utorrent

    Hello friends, here is a wierd problem i have come across at my college. We use utorrent to download files .. but somehow people come and delete the files alltoether. Is there a way of torrent client with LOCK feature in it. Any suggestions are welcome ! thx
  9. ax3

    VPN client ???

    with ISP blocking many server sites ... VPN is best 2 use ... any 1 using & which is the best free client ???
  10. P

    1st lumia 520 win8 mobile user. plz help could not do anything!!

    i bought a lumia 520 win8 mobile based phone 3 days ago. here are some questions and problems please answer/rectify them. please help>> * is it true that to download full hd videos from in the phone itself you got to have 3g otherwise one must connect to the pc and download. if yes...
  11. anagh.k1

    IRC Download

    I connect to the internet through a proxy server provided by our college but it forbids irc clients. I have tried using online irc clients but i have found no client which enables file download. Can you suggest an online irc client through which i can download xdcc files and the process ?
  12. ramakanta

    Portable Apps 4 USB mass storage device users..

    Okay, all of you .. You ever want to have a host of programs that you can take with you? Well, now you can. Some of the most common freeware/Open Source Windows programs have been specially built to be used FROM USB devices... - Portable software for USB, portable...
  13. Shah

    Need help with Ubuntu

    I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 (NetBook) in my NetBook and using it for a month. I, then, installed Transmission Torrent Client and have been downloading Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop. Till yesterday everything was going well. Yesterday, I removed my NetBook's battery and plugged on the charger and...
  14. Desmond

    Steam on Linux now available as beta.

    Steam for Linux Beta Now Available Finally, the golden age of Linux gaming (or is it?) has kickstarted.
  15. A

    Suggest me fastest torrent client

    Suggest me the fastest torrent client for downloading torrent files other than utorrent
  16. @

    Suggest me a email client which can add multiple email accounts with ease

    A friend of mine is looking for an email client. Only feature he needs is adding new email accounts with ease. He has xls / csv file which has email address, passwords. So he just needs a software which can import such file & adds all of them. Otherwise he has to add all emails manually. There...
  17. G

    need a wifi router ???????????? plz help

    I have Asianet broad band connection. I have rooftop wimax receiver which has cable running up to PC.A client app is installed in PC through which I used to dial in. Now I want a Wi-Fi router through which I can share the internet connection with the PC, a laptop and a mobile. Ideally I would...
  18. havoknation

    [HELP] Unique Client Requirement

    Hi All, Today I have received a call from one of my client which is actually an architect company. Please take a look at his requirement : --> : They will take 3 HD pics from 3 different cameras and pic would be covering 180 degrees area for eg they will take a panoramic image from left to...
  19. TheMost

    Low health torrents - client

    Guys i am currently using vuze to download my stuffs ... Now i have some problem I have a rare file to be downloaded over the torrent ( only 1 seed ) My vuze was good but leaks data in private trackers so get false ratios in that forum . yes ! now i have switched to utorrent and am getting...
  20. K

    Network control

    Best network control or hacking software.... To Control the Main computer(Server) from a client computer through LAN.. Tips & tricks?
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