need a wifi router ???????????? plz help


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I have Asianet broad band connection. I have rooftop wimax receiver which has cable running up to PC.A client app is installed in PC through which I used to dial in. Now I want a Wi-Fi router through which I can share the internet connection with the PC, a laptop and a mobile. Ideally I would like to connect the router with cable from wimax receiver , PC to router via LAN cable and other two devices wirelessly. Is it possible to connect to internet directly ( without client app) from router in anyway ? which router has better range and will be suitable for me ?:cry:


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contact asianet for Reliance broadband too you have to login first into their portal even when using wifi router but once you login net connection works on all connected devices(with just a minor issue of login once every 24 hours).only asianet can confirm if it is the same case with their service too.
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