1. R

    Taskbar problem

    Can't do anything from the task bar.Nothing works from start button,right clicking to maximising anything.Whats the reason?
  2. Charley

    Yahoo - User Room Option Disabled.

    How do I view the Yahoo msgr, user rooms .... I get only the yahoo rooms. On clicking user rooms, it empty........ :? cheers xxx
  3. ax3

    Yahoo Photos ! ! !

    my frd has posted or uploaded his vaccation photos on Yahoo Photos ... they r almost 100`s of them ... & being a dial-up user cannot just waste my time on clicking on all those thumbnails 2 download them ... i have dap ... can i download all those photos through dap ??? how should...
  4. J

    rigt click

    rigt clicking or even clicking the butoons in yahoomessenger crashes it, tried the new ver 7 beta, then also it wont be of any use help needed, SOS ASAP thnkx in advance johny
  5. escape7

    windows anti needed

    I downloaded the windows anti spyware beta from the microsoft website. On running the setup, a dialouge box opens. with "??????????????????????????" as text and an ok button. on clicking ok the box closes and nothing happens. I've tried re-downloading. Can any one out there help me.
  6. jay4u

    Blunder Blunder . . .Network is disabled forever . . .

    I connect to internet from my LAN card. Once i disable the connection by right clicking on it and then clicking "DISABLE" coz i wanted to stay off inetrnet. When i try to enable it... it got enable but after 2 seconds the deadly BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH came and the system rebooted. I tried for...
  7. S

    VB Beginners.. Main guidelines??

    Well, I would like you all to direct me to a good tutorial for a beginner who knows nothing about VB.. By clicking here and there, I hve made a good prog, but I need to learn it frm the BASICS.... HELP! :cry:
  8. R

    Professional Autorun CDs

    How do i create autoruns for my software CDs which look professional as well as cool and happening ? I like the ones created in Flash but am unable to create ones like those. Any help on how to get those flash effects and other features such as 1) Readme text file should open on clicking...
  9. infra_red_dude

    Unable to open Drives in My Comp/Explorer by double clicking

    i messed up wid some settings in the context menu of drives and now i can no longer open drives by double clicking them. the default option is "search". so it launches the search in a new window on double clicking a drive. the only two options are "search" and "command prompt here". i cant see...
  10. mohanty1942

    Garbage in webpage

    In Win98 very often I get a page full of garbages (Screenshot below) while browsing certain webpages. On clicking 'refresh' I get back the correct screen. What is the reason ? How to correct ?
  11. sms_solver

    Can someone copy Filename...

    Whenever someone right-clicks on any file in Windows Explorer a pop-up menu will come. Now I want a option there like Copy FileName. This option should copy the filename of that file into the Clipboard. Clicking file and then F2 key, and then pressing Ctrl+C is what I am doing up to now!!
  12. R

    Pop up using

    Hi, Can u guys help me in designing a pop-up box which has ok and cancel buttons and on clicking the ok button the user will be redirected to another page. and on clicking the cancel button he will not be redirected. Hope(:( ) there are coding geeks in this forum! Raja.
  13. G

    MOUSE TOOL-U Gonna luv this one

    Anyone tried the Mouse tool in the nov2003 mindware CD You gonna simply love this one.How many times did you feel tired of clicking while surfing or installing numerous files or programs.Many people develop serious injuries because of the stress due to prolonged working on pc.This tool...
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