1. mr_fanatic

    Can you please identify this Virus

    [SOLVED] Can you please identify this Virus Hello Team Digit, Does anyone recognize this virus/spyware as shown on the screenshot below I've updated my anti-virus definitions (symantec) with the latest defs.. but it seems that the anti-virus client/defs cannot see it. If anyone of you is...
  2. utsav

    unable to open drives in win xp by clicking on them

    whenever i am clicking on the drives to open it using my computer it gives an error message the application cannot be run in win32 mode . i can access the drive using windows explorer by browsing to the drives but not by direct clicking. help me guys what to do :(:(
  3. royal

    COD problem

    Friends I was trying COD with my new MSI 512 MB 8800GT ;) However the startup screen is blank like this... When I move the cursor I can hear "click" sounds at places and on clicking the topmost one the game begins to load but halts after 40-50% has loaded. Does anyone have the...
  4. N

    Weird problem due to virus..

    Hey friends, As always......Need help. My pc got infected with some virus and now whenever I try to open any partiton on my computer, it opens an "Open with" dialog with list of programs. I have to open the drives with right clicking and selecting open. I have P4 with 1 gb ram and 80...
  5. nach p

    Waves on Monitor & Reboot prob

    My friend getting waves on his monitor.Is it software problem or Hardware ? & Even after clicking on Turn Off PC gets restarted. Wht can be a prob. thnx
  6. Lucky_star

    Desktop icon problem...

    When I select any icon from the desktop, all the icons above it get selected automatically, as if I am holding SHIFT while clicking... How to resolve it?:confused:
  7. R

    how can i send attachments from mobile

    I have SE k750i>w800i fphone. I have also installed the java application of gmail. I was using that to send an attachment of the size of 39kb. But I was not able to do it. There is no option to attach files!!!. I went to the and upon clicking the file attach link, nothing happened...
  8. midhunmon

    Hard Drive hangs after a clicking noise

    Recently i have aquired a new problem, sometimes while working there is a strange clicking noise in th HDD and the system hangs.Then i have to restart it.sometimes the problem persists untill i reconnect the IDE cable of the HDD. I have seen this kind of problem in my software institue which...
  9. victor_rambo

    [tutorial] Displaying tabbed items with javascript

    Source: Myself written it.
  10. O

    Which Windows Mobile possess the best camera clicking capabilities

    Which Windows Mobile possess the best camera clicking capabilities.. Please Give Your Opinions...:o
  11. H

    Someone wants me banned

    Hi friends, Its too urgent.Today I checked my google adsense account and got shocked to see todays earning $3.21.When I checked hit counter it showed only 50 visitors were there. I am pretty much tensed as it may be the case some one is clicking too much.And the worst part is I dont know...
  12. ilugd

    Disk Drive Partition E: says access denied on double click but explores

    Hi, I am facing a peculiar problem. I have 2 partitions on my sata hard drive. I boot off the first into windows and have the second to store all my files and profiles. My mydocs is mapped to the second drive (e:). However when I doubleclick on the drive in explorer, I get an access denied...
  13. rahul.ims

    brain cracking puzzle...ne1 dare to solve it...

    Hi, Just click on this link n use ur common sence to navigate. It has 23 pages one after the other, starting from this first Page. The trick is to find a way to go to the next page. If u can really go to the 23rd page ur a genius in ur own respect :) So best of luck n keep clicking, tik...
  14. M

    portable harddisk problem

    strange but my hard disk(80 gb-Seagate-new) suddenly changed into raw format from ntfs-and all its data are gone-when i do see the properties it shows free space =0,used space=0. i have to reformat it- i still don't know the reason why it occurred-after clicking on drive it showed the following...
  15. T

    Why am I not able to post

    Is any special privilege required to post in Bazaar section of this forum. I have tried to post there twice but after clicking post buttion I am taken to the Bazaar home page but not able to see my post. Why?
  16. jack_the_ripper

    Backing up my hard disk...

    hi guys, I have a western digital 120GB HDD. Initially when i tried installing the OS i got a continous clicking sound. it worked fine later and i dint bother much! now again i got the clicking sound while working and system got restarted abruptly! i've got important data on the hard drive...
  17. G

    why the disk in not opening

    Hi in one of our computer whenever we double click any of the partitions it is not opening and showing the following message in a pop up small window. " windows cannot find 'copy.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and...
  18. anandk

    AutoRuns Utility for Windows.

    Autoruns is a startup cleaner utility that is similar to the MSCONFIG utility. MSCONFIG only shows you startup and services and it doesn’t check digital signatures which means anything can hide from it. With Autoruns, nothing can hide and there’s no need to use MSCONFIG at all. You can download...
  19. coolboy_n

    Project Help !

    hi everyone, I'll b developing a software project during my 3-4 weeks' industrial training session.The idea of the project is : Asking the users to store/add addresses of various files present in various locations in a system(systems in case of a LAN) ..these addresses will be stored in a...
  20. koolbluez

    Firefox not running on system

    At an Inet centre, I noticed, FF not allowed to run... even upon reinstallation... as some stupid malware/virus/stupidfkincr@pware is preventing it from doin so... Process pointed to on checking is svchost.exe or so... Message got.. What is causing it? How to remove it? Checkin out the...
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