1. D

    Clicking sound from UPS

    Guys i have a iBall Nirantar UPS 621V(600VA). Whenever the light goes the UPS start make clicking sound. It clicks very fast "click click click click click click click click click" like that. I bought this UPS few months back from amazon. Is there some defect with the UPS or is it some other...
  2. panacea_amc

    SLR buying advice for a Novice

    Hello everyone, To begin with I am absolutely raw regarding SLR. And so i need your help on this: 1. My budget is anything between 20K-30K. 2. I am more into panoramic shots, I use the android photosphere most often but am not intending to buy a fish eye lens...
  3. Nanducob

    Youth held for clicking photos standing on tortoise in Nehru Zoological Park

    Youth held for clicking photos standing on tortoise in Nehru Zoological Park Sad to see such incidents.FB has become a place to show off how much swag youve got.Shame
  4. harshilsharma63

    HTML help needed

    Hi. Take a look at this link: B. Tech. IVth Sem. Main Exam Result - 2013 - RTU Portal by Arun Batar It accepts roll number th the text field and displays the result after clicking of "Submit" button. I need to programatically access the result. What data do I need to send to the server...
  5. ajayritik

    Getting Clicking sound when the computer starts

    I have recently observed that whenever my system boots I'm hearing clicking sound. Could this be HDD going bad with bad sectors etc? Is there anyway I can check how my HDD health is? I feel the problem could have been due to faulty UPS and with frequent power cuts.
  6. N

    Problem with Windows 8 Apps

    Some of my Windows 8 (metro) apps have stopped working all of a sudden. Effecting apps as of now are "Photos" / "Yahoo Mail" / "Calender" / "Messaging". Clicking them simply returns to start screen again :-(
  7. S

    Weird HDD Behaviour and Clicking Sound !!!

    Hi Folks, I have an external HDD assembled using a 3.5" 1 TB SATA internal HDD and a casing. The unit was powered by the casing adapter and all worked fine until we had a power fluctuation and after that, the drive was not detected and kept creating clicking sounds. Going through various...
  8. mohityadavx

    javascript pass variable next page

    Well i am having a problem. i have made a form and on clicking the submit button, javascript validation is done to check all fields are correctly filled or not. Now the problem is I want to use these entered variables so the only way remains is redirect the page to next page after clicking...
  9. bajaj151

    Logitech mx518 PROBLEM

    I bought mx518 4 months back... From last 2 days...clicking on left button is not smooth as it was.. What should I do ?
  10. rhitwick

    Don't want to recover my data!!!

    Hi, guys. I've a 500GB Maxtor external drive. I've formatted from command prompt, using "Format" command. Then again formatted it by right clicking on its icon in MyComputer. After doing all these, how do I ensure that its content can't be recovered?
  11. B

    system becomes unstable on right clicking

    hello friends my os windows xp p4 recently my system hangs on right clicking a file.please offer me a solution
  12. J

    passing value in php

    is it possible to pass value from aform to the same page .for example i have to delete a record .suppose i have a page delete.php which have option to delete a user from a list of users.upon selecing a user and clicking the submit i have been redirected to anotherpage suppose aftdelete.php where...
  13. Pragadheesh

    keyboard-shortcut for Double clicking

    What is the keyboard short cut for DoubleClick.? Like in MS word or notepad etc, i'm in the middle of the word. If I need to select the word, i can do so by Double clicking the word. But how can i do the same using keyboard.
  14. quan chi

    urgent help required.

    hi friends. well today after inserting a pen drive to the system. 1. i double clicked on it but nothing happened so i had to open it by rightclick>open. then i copy pasted some datas to it.then i removed the pen drive by simply pulling it out. 2.then i turned off the when i...
  15. Pragadheesh

    tabclick event in C#

    hi, how to add a tabclick event in C#.? i.e on clicking the tab button i need to generate an event., like if i have 3tabs, India, US and UK, clicking the tabs i should get an appropriate message box or something.
  16. pc_game_lover2004

    Editing A File

    Guys i want to edit the following file :- C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host I'm using windows vista and logged in as admin. But whenever i open the this file in notepad and try to do any changes then clicking save it shows the following error What can i do to successfully make my desired...
  17. D

    I want to lock my folder. this is what i want- a software that can lock an entire folder. It shouldn't be like those common apps where we have to create a folder,keep stuff in it & then lock it.the software should be able to lock any already existing folder by right clicking it. And when i try to open the locked...
  18. D

    Please help!!

    friends.. from the past few days, i m getting a system error after every 2-3 minutes which says "There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network", whether i am connected to internet or not... ca n anybody please help me out.. i m fed up of clicking on it..
  19. stellar

    My Computer Icons

    Icons in the My computer have gone Haywire, I've attached the screen shot.It used to be in nice order with the dotted lines between them. But there is no such line and and eventhough i cant's set with the right clicking options.
  20. entrana

    Clicking sound- important

    hey guys ive been hearing this clicking sound like a fan is having an obstacle or something. it was there in my previous pc too before i smashed it and it broke down( literally). yesterday i connected another hard drive and after one day that same sound is coming. but now it comes sometimes i...
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