1. chicha

    what do i do?

    This is what i get one i try to open a drive by double clicking. i am using the latest kaspersky with uptodate updates.
  2. pritish_kul2

    CAncelling Shutdown

    Is there any way by which we can cancel the shutdown after clicking shutdown
  3. emailaatif786

    Right Click = Left Click

    There is a strange problem in my mouse from today. The context menu appears while both Right Clicking and Left Clicking. So, when I try to right click or left click, in both manners, the menu appears. What could be the problem? Is it Registry, hardware, or Xp problem?
  4. K

    Right Click Options

    Can anyone tell me how to change/edit or remove the right click option when right clicking on drives. Its very urgent Thanks
  5. B

    Please Help Me Explorer.exe has Encountered a problem and need to be close.

    For the last couple of days I am facing some problem. Most of the time I explore My Computer or any other folder there is pop-up error comes which says : "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. For more information about this error...
  6. H

    troubleshooting hard disk

    :confused: hello friends i am harsha ihad a problem with my hard disk. whenever i wants to open my local drives by double clicking on it it won't open. it tends me to open it by right clicking on it i had to select open option from it. please suggest me a solution for it immediatly.
  7. uzair

    Where is hibernate??

    When i click shut down from the start menu i get an old win98 style drop down list asking for standby,log off options.... My system runs win xp media centre,,,Can i get the xp style just three buttons upon clicking shut down?? Is it possible?Also when i try to enable Hibernate..I get an...
  8. S

    batch files

    i have heard that u can use batch files to automate tasks..can someone write me a batch file which will shutdown my system (win2000) at the following intervals 9:45 am 10:30 am 11:40 am 1:45 pm 2:30 pm will it be enough if i click on the batch file once? can i delete it later, after clicking on it?
  9. Ankur Mittal

    MSN Weather gets Windows Vista 3D tabbing

    As part of the changes going on at MSN, a new addtion to the weather portal is promoting Windows Vista's new 3D-tab experience. Over at the weather maps page, this Windows Vista advertising graphic is on the right hand side of the screen. Clicking it loads a flash application that allows...
  10. S

    Newbies guide to Windows ownership tricks

    These registry tricks are for beginners. Hello frnds in these tricks i will tell u how to change the registered owner name , registered company ,find ur key of XP. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ These all tricks are in...
  11. ax3

    FF clicking problem ! ! !

    i have FF 1.5 ...... middle clicking on links 2 open in new tab sometimes opens MORE than 1 tab of same link .......... any solution plz ?
  12. A

    Problem in opening the drive

    i am not able to open the drive say c or d ore .on double clicking nothing happens. on right clicking the drive the first option is autoplay rather than open autoplay does nothing
  13. Cool Buddy

    Stardock and yahoo messenger

    Not a lot of pepl might be knowing this:- If u use windows blinds, yahoo messenger does not function properly. It closes on right clicking anywhere and also on clicking various menus and plugins. I don't know if this always happens, I came to know this when I posted this problem over here. Now...
  14. kool

    Outlook Express is not starting... ******

    Dear frnds, After installing autopatcher MARCH2006, my outlook express stopped working. For re-installing Outlook 1st i uninstalled by editing regedit. But no use. after clicking on Outlook express icon.. it doesn't show anything, nor in task manager! plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz please...
  15. pirates1323

    about adsense

    wht if same person is clicking the ads 1 time a day daily....r there any chances of getting our acc. canceled... and wht about going to cyber cafe and just clicking on our ads from each PC :P .....
  16. R

    incredimail not opening attachments

    i have windows sp2 with incredimail installed. earlier i could just open any attachment by simply clicking on it. but after i backed up data and settings and reinstalled windows(the same winsows as earlier) i cant open attachments by directly clicking them i tried checking the option saying...
  17. P

    Flock browser!!

    Hi guyz, I donwloaded the flock browser through download accelerator plus, but the file i downloaded is not a setup file, when double clicking it, it opens the open with window...Whats the prob?
  18. C

    Is anybody earning money by clicking ads?

    Just came to know that some sites offer money for clicking ads and surfing.Is it legal in India?
  19. drsethi

    unable to start taskmanager

    I am unable to start taskmanager by right clicking taskbar, ctrl-alt-del buttons(it says taskmanager is disabled by administrator) and double clicking taskmgr.exe file in system32 folder. i am using windows xp pro sp2. problem is caused by virus/spyware. any solution? I have tried...
  20. S

    Adsense Query

    To those of u who use Adsense, wat mode of payment delivery have u chosen??? is there any script which i can use on my webpage to prevent visitors clicking on adsense not more than the number of ads visible??? If not, then shudnt google develop such a script to prevent the misuse???
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