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Can anyone tell me how to change/edit or remove the right click option when right clicking on drives.
Its very urgent


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Customizing Right-Click Menu Options in Windows

Vishal Gupta

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Open regedit and goto:

Under this key, u'll get 2 more keys named Shell and Shellex. These keys contains Drive context menu options.
Go to the key where VISTA told you then read this thread for more details

Or here is the way

a>click on the start menu and click run.
b>Typr in regedit(inbuilt registry editor of windows) and click ok.
c>go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive .
d>Create a new key here with whatever name u want (Name doesnt matters).
e>In its "default" value type in the name which u want to be displayed.
f>Now create a new key in the key which we created in step "d" and name it as "command".
g>In the dfault value type the path of the program.

Now restart and see the effect , wait i think that no restart is needed
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