Is anybody earning money by clicking ads?

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Just came to know that some sites offer money for clicking ads and surfing.Is it legal in India?


ive tried some of these before

wat happens is that they say u get suppose 10 cents every time. but u can only withdraw wen u earn atleadst $1000 or something so its like 10,000 times that u g2 view stuff or something so i never ad d patience 2 complete the things

plus ppl on irc,etc say than they have never gotten paid.

once i went 2 a site n it sed register and send atleast 100 emails from dere service n u get a free ipod.

i did it and it sed i won...but u can only win it if ur a legal citizen of d USA

stuff like dat dey alwez got loopholes


Cyborg Agent
I think spare-dollars and 5stars pay money by clicking on their ads and by solving puzzels.

Pally(Indyan) have been paid.

But the best way is adsense. I can only trust google.
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