CAncelling Shutdown

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sukhdeepsinghkohli said:
Why would you want to do that in the first place ? :D

sometime it happens to me. thinking i don't have anything to do, i shutdown the pc then suddenly i remember i've forgotten some important task...


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shotdown -a command only works when we are at desktop. Basically this command is used when any services fails and showning the message " Your system is shout down within xxx second". To stop uncertain shoudown we rune this command....


pritish_kul2 said:
^^^^ means press c button after pressing shutdown/??

no, i meant this:
u've pressed the turnoff button in the shutdown dialog... your system is going down for a shut down. now if you wanna avert this use the command shutdown -c
you can use it easily by pressing WINKEY+R launching the RUN bar, and then typing shutdown -c,pressing enter
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