1. RohanM

    My Nexus 4 Unboxing.

    Today bought The Beauty & the Beast by Google. 8-) Enjoy the show guys. All pics clicked with Neo V in low light.
  2. K

    Data lost need help!!!!!!

    hi, i was trying to install Ubuntu 11 ... i made a bootable usb drive and tried it as a live demo ... then as curiosity increased i clicked on install ubuntu icon now it asked me the location and i by mistake selected a drive in which a lot of my data(around 9 gb) was there i clicked on ext3...
  3. M

    Corrupted/Infected Microsoft Office

    I have Office 2003 installed on my PC running on Win XP SP3. A few days back I noticed that whenever I double clicked on any Word document I got garbled characters. When I right-clicked on the document and then clicked "Open with -> Microsoft Word" the file opened correctly. My all other files...
  4. rahul_c

    Deleted partition using ubuntu!

    I was trying out the Ubuntu 10.10 from live USB, I found it OK and decided to install it along with Windows. Everything was fine until partitioning page came up. I selected manual/advanced options and re-sized one of my partition. The process was taking too long so I stupidly clicked quit! Now...
  5. Soumik

    AMD Athlon II 445 freezes after core unlock

    Hi, I just got a AMD X3 445 and a gigabyte 740G mobo. After installing everything .. it was running fine. Just sound wasnt coming, so after using and chking stuff, i installed the sound driver and restarted. In between i clicked on some gigabyte utility to unclock core and i clicked enable...
  6. M

    Help needed in Bsnl Dataone configuration for new modem.

    Hi, My BSNL modem was not working. When contacted the customer care, the official asked me to buy a new modem since nothing else could be done So, I bought a new ADSL modem COMPEX MRL21E from a shop near my home. Full Description But its not connecting to the net. The DATA light is not...
  7. S


    please tell me the code in PHP about When I click on a link, a page containing many topics must open but the screen must show that frame of that page which shows the topic clicked by the link,,,means only that part of the page must come first before the sight
  8. D

    office 2010 setup not working

    hi guys i mounted the image file and clicked on the setup. 1. at first (antivirus was enabled) the computer just restarted itself. nothing else happened. 2. i disabled the antivirus and then clicked on setup. it says " office could not find osetup.dll. file may be damaged...
  9. jerrin_ss5

    PC freezing for sometime after boot-up!!!

    I use a windows 7 ultimate 32-bit OS, after it boots and i begin my normal operation say like browsing for example and suddenly my PC does'nt react for some time although i can move my mouse pointer and click to minimize.After some time my PC returns to normal state and does everything at an...
  10. A

    Help Required ..Urgent..Samsung Star S5230 Firmware Upgrade

    I tried to upgrade the firmware of my Star s5233 using the S5230XEII4 ...I have installed the PC studio.I fave selected all the req files in multiloader.I clicked the Port search button and i got the message COM4 ready.Then I clicked the Download button. After I clicked, I got the message...
  11. rohitshubham

    usb hdd not showink in my computer

    hey my 60 gb usb hdd suddenly disappeared from my computer in win xp where as the safely remove hardware comes as usual and it is shown as working properly in the device manager but is not shown in the disk management it happened when i clicked on the drive icon and pc hanged and i had to...
  12. A

    aim crashes

    recently i bought aim (artificial intelligence machine) my laptop fulfills all the recommended system reqs the game installed fine and at startup i opted for medium settings and clicked on the start new game the game started fine but after the starting video it crashed help me
  13. demoninside9

    dont know

    Hi everybody, I m having p4 wid 256MB of ram, 80GBHDD. I have just changed my old ram to new one. N the problem is that whenever i clicked my D n F drive system gets restarts and somtimes it auto restarts. Pls help me
  14. windchimes

    Online Payment Doubt

    I was doing an online purchasing (for the 1st time), using a debit card..Now when I reached the final processing option after entering the required details for transaction a popup came saying that information would be visibile in an unsafe page in "the site from where I made this purchase". A...
  15. thewisecrab

    Has My Ethernet port died???? :(

    I have an ASUS mobo (will post exact specifix later, am at cyber cafe now) My Internet was all fine, everything was smooth as silk (MTNL Triband, but i think it's not related to my problem) I was even accessing the forum last night (till about 12.30, 1 AM) Today, when I double clicked on Local...
  16. H

    Heavy Duty Piracy---

    This article is meant for just reading. Testing or evaluating any of the steps mentioned here is completely the user's responsibility. This article is not meant for any type of encouraging, implementing spreading of piracy or spamming vulgarian usage or playing a$$ with the moderator. The...
  17. RCuber

    Amazing 65 Feet Aditya Statue In Bangalore

    I didnt know abt this statue in bangalore.Its located inside Eagleton Golf Village One can reach the place via the Mysore road or Outer ring road (Location Map) I was just amazed by the size of the statue. ( not clicked by me) ( not clicked by me ) The clouds forming behind...
  18. D

    Uxtheme files Patched, now What to do ?

    Ok i think i have successfully patched uxtheme files in Vista SP1. (All that taking ownership, renaming the original ones and replacing them with the provided patched files). Now how do i apply the themes ? I copied them to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes but they are not working, i clicked on the...
  19. ring_wraith

    WTF? Paypal is flicking my money....

    I recently received 25USD from someone, and when I logged into my paypal a/c i saw that i had to click the accept button. In the row of that payment, it said Fee=0$. Once I clicked the accept button, my a/c balance increased by 23.8 USD. I was like "WTF Where did the ~1$ go???" Then I...
  20. nileshgr

    A funny image to laugh upon

    I just clicked the Stumble! on my FF toolbar and it took me to this image - :D :D :D :D
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