1. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Car amplifier.

    I have a friend and he just bought a 300w SubWoofer for his car. and was looking for an amp to go with it. Most of the amps he found were about 10k so, I asked my dad and he was willing to make one. Now the problem goes as follows- He used to make a lot of amps in his old days with premade...
  2. shreeux

    How to find SONY TV alternative chip (IC-INTEGRATED CIRCUIT)?

    My SONY TV not power on due to power supply board short part is not available in market that is D609 IC, so how find alternative ic for same or where to buy ....if any web link please suggest...
  3. Ricky

    Drive your car in Gautam Buddh international circuit and feel the racing instinct

    Anyone who is auto enthusiast will have big smile from this news; src: Drive your super car in Buddha International Formula 1 Racing Track Seriously I am planning to give it a visit very soon, atleast one hour drive, always wanted to drive like real racer ;)
  4. bubusam13

    PSU for server needed to run 24*7

    Hi, 2 of our Wipro Netpower rack servers are down because of PSU. Actually the redundant SMPS are fine but the IC panel (dono't know what its called) is not working. SMPS are hot swappable. The circuit that switch to another SMPS is one fails is not working. The circuit that you see in the...
  5. M

    Reliance Wireline Broadband Internet

    hiii friends!!! I got the reliance wireline broadband internet a couple of months ago. My plan is 1mbps unlimited for rs.549 + tax. There is no circuit breaker. Download Speed - around 135kbps. No buffering on streaming videos at you tube at 360p and 480p. At 720p it buffers at the beggining...
  6. koolent

    Burnt DIMM Slot or nearby components, advice needed.

    I know I did wrong applying water on the motherboard and the causes could have been worse but the unfortunate truth is that I ended up burning one of my PC's RAM Slot. The thing is that it is either the Slot or the components near the slot which complete its circuit are burnt. So, can it...
  7. avichandana20000

    [Praise] Crompton greaves

    I have a Home UPS 800va of Crompton Greaves LINK WHICH WORKS FINE FOR THE LAST 2 & HALF YRS.. Due to lightning it started malfunctioning from 25th Sept.. I lodged a complain through their website. Next i shoot a mail also to their Corporate guys regarding the misbehavior by one of the Outlet...
  8. somulesnar

    Nvidia and AMD Sued Over Power Management in Chips

    AMD as well as Nvidia are being sued by Power Management Solutions over one of the most basic power management functions in integrated circuits used today. Source- TOM'S HARDWARE.
  9. sagar_coolx

    Burglar alarm circuit ???

    I really need the circuit which was printed in one of the digit editions. (Maybe oct, dec 2010 edition, not sure) If anyone has that circuit, plz plz provide the link to me
  10. rakesh_sharma23

    Guide: DIY Printed Circuit board Making

    DIY Printed Circuit board Making. Printed circuit board or PCB has its vital role in today’s high-tech life. From TV to toys from Computer to mobile, all electrons work with a PCB inside. Commonly a PCB is made up of a fiber board with copper tracks to join different electronic components...
  11. N

    circuit diagram for APC Back-UPS Pro 500VA (BP500I)

    Can anybody help me out with either circuit diagram or service manual of APC Back-UPS AVR 500, Model No is BP500I. Please see images given below Thanks for help in Advance
  12. nims11

    F1 not running on vista

    EA Sports F1 does not work on Vista when i load the circuit. it works well in XP. waiting for solutions.
  13. int86

    Microtek service rules query

    Recently I got my Microtek UPS serviced under warrenty. When I opened UPS at home I came to know that the circuit board in it is not mine but of somebody's else. But my UPS is running fine. Is it fair from the side of servicemanship. Dont they provide a new replacement of parts. <b>...
  14. ajaybc

    Anyone knowing electronics please help me..

    I have a P4 machne with Intel original 845GLVA motherboard which doesn't support automatic booting.Please anyone knowing electronics please send me the circuit of a device that can boot the computer at a preset time...
  15. K


    I have a compaq notebook its Lcd's Backlight is not burning. the probable cause is INverter PCB.... if somebody can provide me this circuit i am ready to buy.......... contact in my email id or Call 0091-3252-316606 __________ thanks
  16. B

    APC UPS circuit Diagram

    Can any one tell me where can i get circuit diagram of APC UPS
  17. william


    Guys plaees help me . tell me what will happen in this circuit diagram and please support your answer with a reason.If you wnat to explain it with the help of any law then you can do so. Circuit diagram is at...
  18. int86

    Cabinet Mod . . . . .LED

    I would like to light 4 LED in series(12V). It is easy to draw its power from SMPS. But i would like to lit it only when hard disk light is on. But its poweq will not come fr HD light. is there any electronics that will just send on/signals. The light should work simultanously. Please no use of...
  19. Panchu

    Urgent - IDE 2 USB Build

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to build a IDE2USB converter??? Where can I buy one and how much will it cost??? Please post some circuit diagrams....
  20. S

    Free electronic circuit maker for STUDENTS

    HI FRIENDS Can anybody tell me which are the free circuit maker FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS . PLEASE tell me other than pspice and circuit maker 2002 . GOD BLESS YOU
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