1. D

    Zotac GTX 960 vs MSI R9 370

    Both are available for the same price around 16k, Mysore ,Karnataka. Which one would be better or are there better choices. System Specs, i5 2400 DH67CLB3 8 GB Corsair Vengeance CoolerMaster SilentPro 500W 12v-34A It was the MSI R7 370 2GB Twin Frozr edition which is why it was expensive
  2. S

    Which Mobile Handset to Buy – Need guidance..!!

    Which Mobile Handset to Buy – Need guidance..!! I have been trying to read specs, price and reviews of so many handsets available in India and am now fully confused. Pls help me which model I should purchase based on following attributes. Help me do a balancing act Pls. Your feedback...
  3. B

    wanted to buy 1 Tb hardisk. Confused between two choices

    hello i want to buy a 1TB external hardisk. i am confused between WD My passport Ultra and this HGST 1TB Touro S External USB Hard Disk 7200 RPM | eBay. how i the after sales service of HGST. i know WD has the best after sales service. i have experienced it. i already have two WD hardisks. so...
  4. G

    Need to know on the Celeron 1037 u

    Hi..Any Celeron 1037 U mobo actually available? Amongst the choices of a Asrock,Asus,Biostar which one should i go for?
  5. dude1

    Galaxy S4.....BLACK mist or WHITE frost!!

    Guyz, as you all know galaxy s4 is coming to india this week..... Love it or hate it, you cant deny its the most popular phone now..... As it comes in 2 colours namely, Black mist and White frost(yeah samsung has done away with the wicked pebble blue:-D) Was just wondering which colour wud be...
  6. R

    Which mobile is better of these?

    My friend wants a budget 3G phone & has shortlisted the following two mobiles. His budget is Rs.3000/- (aprox). He wants 3G, Java for games and good battery life of 3-4 days. Pls suggest which one is better and if these are not the choices, then which one should he go with. 1. Nokia 2730...
  7. sumit_anand

    Best camera under 6k??

    Hi guyz. I am planning to buy a digicam for myself which i mostly be using for video shooting..the budget being quite low for plz help me out with the best possible choices.
  8. X

    Phone or Tablet...

    Hi All, This is my first post here and I would like to wish all a very good morning. Now, the reason I am here. There is some confusion and a couple of suggestions would help. I have my birthday in Jan and at the rate at which phones and tablets are releasing, I will be spoilt for...
  9. shaunak

    A weird situation

    Hey, My Dell XCD-35's screen conked off last month under warranty and Dell said they will take 60 days to fix it. Its nearing 60 days now and the service center staff still aren't very positive. "End of November, sir. Definitely" is what they say, with no conviction in the "definitely". The...
  10. S

    Confused in TV selection

    Hi all. I am confused between choices in selecting a tv and brand.(budget <35k) 1) Should i go for a 32" full hd lcd or 32" hd lcd is ok?(Led is too costly) Any gain in selecting full hd? 2) Also is 26" enough instead of 32? So that 26" hd led tv will be fine? 3) Confused between...
  11. A

    Speakers for Music

    Budget 3-4k I don't have any choices because of my very limited knowledge about speakers
  12. digit i am thinking

    Online/offline Exam software

    Hi Any one know any free online/offline exam software in which i just have to add questions and multiple choices. which can run on individual PCs. :|
  13. rider

    Car under 10 lakhs

    My family is planning for a car more suitable for the comfort of passengers rather than driving experience. And the most important thing is that it should be have good fuel efficiency whether its petrol or diesel and maintenance should be fair. My choices are (according to looking) Hyundai...
  14. Charley

    32 inch TV LED/LCD

    Can you suggest a list of 32" TV LED and LCD ? Also, best choices to buy !!
  15. Sarath

    Help me choose a wireless bluetooth headset

    A few days ago, my beloved BT headset was taken away from me. It was, iirc a Nokia BH-609 (?) and worked well and still does but it's no longer with me and I need a replacement. Usage scenarios: Mono 1. Driving *MOST IMPORTANT* 2. Sleeping (I talk and snooze) Stereo 1. Driving 2...
  16. justme101

    Help Me Choose My First Android...!!!

    Ok so i've been looking at phones over the net for over 2 months now and i've decided on 4 handsets and here are the requirements..!! 1. I need gingerbread as an OS 2. Atleast a good 3 MP camera because i do click pictures sometimes just for fun. Secondary Cam not required because i won't be...
  17. T

    Which Food to your Dog

    I have hear different opinions on which brand and formula of food is best for very active working dogs... Will y'all give me some feedback on your food choices and any evidence that makes it the best... Price should not be a factor. Thanks
  18. R

    Apple iPhone 4 or Dell Streak?

    Hey guys n.. gals(if thr are any geeky ones out here :P) So I have 2 choices an iPhone or Dell streak.. ofcourse feature wise dell streak is way better then iPhone but then iPhone is well iPhone it just has an amazing feel to it. Although my geeky instincts are yelling at me to go for Dell...
  19. Power_user_EX

    Suggest a decent PSU around 2K for AMD system...

    hi again , Now that i have narrowed in with Gigabyte 880G based UD2H mobo with sempron 140 Cpu i need some more good advice to buy a decent VFM PSU for the system. My future use with this config : For now ill be using it as HTPC and secondary downloading system but might upgrade to Phenom II...
  20. R

    2.1 speakers.

    Thinking of getting 2.1 speakers budget is around 2k. Heard Altec lansing VS4121 is pretty decent. And how does the vs2621 compare against logitech x 210? Any other choices should I consider ? Also suggest headphone around 1k. Cheers.:smile:
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