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Suggest a decent PSU around 2K for AMD system...


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hi again ,

Now that i have narrowed in with Gigabyte 880G based UD2H mobo with sempron 140 Cpu i need some more good advice to buy a decent VFM PSU for the system.

My future use with this config :

For now ill be using it as HTPC and secondary downloading system but might upgrade to Phenom II x4/x6 CPU in future along with a graphic card (will be mid-range like 5850 when its price goes down).

My choices are
1) Gigabyte Superb 450W
2) Zebronics 500W

Any other PSU choices near or under 2K ?



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I have never hrd of it... but many ppl here seem to use it... Also what about warranty and Efficiency ?


as u'll be adding 5850 in near future along with x4/x6 proccy,u'll have to go for at least corsair VX 450W to be on the safer side and that will cost u 3.7k

for 2k gigabyte superb 460W is a nice deal but i'm not sure if it can handle 5850 along with x6
it can max support 5770

and FSP saga is a nice brand( a reputated one)
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Infact the gigabyte PSU which you are considering is infact FSP OEM(400W)...its rebadged as gigabyte PSU...go for it...


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For running a Sempron Processor and no Graphics card, I don't think any discrete PSU is required. Go for any 500W-600W local PSU @ 0.6k -0.8k, more than enough. Don't waste your money for buying a cheap PSU if you are planning for a big future upgrade.
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