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Game Languages

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I recently got The Battle for Middle-Earth, but unfortunately, its the Chinese Traditional version(Its the original game, but its the Chinese version)
Anyways, when the game starts, I can't see any text in the menus(Not even chinese)!!!!!
Is there any way I can install some patch or something to get English language option?I mean, there has to be, hasn't there?
Please help me!!!!


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Ummm....well i dun suppose u can convert the Entire Chineese version into a English version via any patch.....the patches available for this game are separately categorised for english,chinese,Italian,Japanese etc. versions and so i guess its not possible for u to edit the Language expect for exchanging the game disc.....Btw If its an original Copy why dont u try exchanging the game saying that u have wrongly received the Chinese verion :)


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Try installing Language Packs


You can try installing Language Packs for Chinese.Also MS provides MUI to change Menus to Chinese,Japanese,Korean and other languages.May be that can help you :?: This changes the look and feel of the OS too, so remember the steps to undo the changes.

One useful link: http://www.ttime.com.tw/support/support.htm#q-10

Let us know what happened!


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