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WinRAR Password Problem

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Recently i downloaded file from chinese website which is compress in WinRAR and it was with chinese password. I know the chinese password but when i use in WinRAR to extract the file, WinRAR shows password is wrong.

After few moment i downloaded another file with chinese password but when i copy the password from the chinese site & paste in Winrar it shows wrong password. I paste this password in notepad it shows ANSI character.

So please help me how can i extract the compress RAR file with chinese password.

thanks .


to see chinese characters..... i hope u open the file in microsoft word document.... this will ask u for the font format in which u want to open it... i jope u can find some chinese font here ....
and then copy it and try to use as passwd ....
(am not sure whether it will help u or not .....)
but will the chinese font supporrt in your system....??????
:( :( :(
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When i paste password in Microsoft Word its looks ok, I mean paste with chinese character same as in website.

But while extracting Winrar shows wrong password.

anybody pls give me solution.



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have u copied the password from microsoft word (in chinese font ... u said that u can paste the passwd in word in chinese font ) into winrar????
or have u copied from the site and pasted it ????
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